Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator Review For 2021

yamaha ef1000isYamaha has never failed to bedazzle its customers by offering impeccable services and high-quality products that are the perfect blend of class and sophisticated technology use. So, if you are looking for a reliable and well-performing generator which can be your light camping buddy, then you must get the amazing Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator. This generator is ideal for small families or people who run a small-scale business. It provides a fair amount of power for 12 hours on end. This is an exceptionally high run-time for a generator this size. 

It will perfectly fit your budget, and you wouldn’t have to worry about making a large investment and not being satisfied with the results. This generator unit is highly easy to maintain and manage. So, this generator would not be an addition to your burden of cleaning and maintaining such large devices. 

Suppose you are looking for a generator that will suit your tight budget and is reliable and dependable. In that case, you cannot look for a better generator than Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator. Let’s read more about this features-loaded generator whose aim is to offer uninterrupted power so that you can enjoy your camping experience to the fullest.

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Features of the Yamaha EF1000IS Portable

yamaha ef1000isSmart Throttle
This feature senses the load that is brought on to the generator. It feels the capacity of power generation and the load added and then matches the engine speed to ensure smooth functioning. If the generator keeps working at high-power when the load added is low, the engine can get damaged. Smart Throttle Technology prevents this. 

Automatic Low Oil Shut-Off
The oil watch system keeps track of oil levels and displays it so that users can easily monitor oil levels and keep the generator maintained. 

Overload Protection
This circuit breaker feature dismisses the connection with appliances if more appliances are connected to the power generated by the generator. This saves appliances from damage. 

Sound Reduction
The generator creates 57 decibels of noise by the built-in sound reduction feature, which means that you can easily enjoy the benefits of this generator without being disturbed by the loud and obnoxious noise of the generator. 

Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator is highly fuel-efficient as it consumes less fuel and generates a high amount of power. This saves cost on fuel expenses and generates more power without requiring refueling every few hours. 

Auto Warm-up feature
This feature allows the generator to start easily in cold weather by generating additional power for around 4-6 minutes so that the generator’s functions are commenced smoothly. 

Additional Features 

  • 50 CC 4 Stroke OHV Gas Powered Engine
  • 1,000 Watt AC Output
  • Smart Throttle Load Technology
  • 27 Lbs Total Weight
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 900 Watts
  • 12 Volts

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator from the Yamaha website, please click here.

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Pros, Cons, and Alternatives for the Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator

yamaha ef1000isNow it’s time to conduct a fair analysis between the pros and cons of the Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator. Make sure you study these meticulously if you are inclined towards purchasing this generator. This will give you a more precise overview of which factors you must consider and review. 

Purchasing the right generator is not about selecting the one with the most modern and fancy features. It would help if you chose a generator that is best suited to your use and can act as a reliable and dependable source of clean and secure power. 


Advantages of the Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator

  • Economical Choice
    This generator is the ideal choice for you if your use is light, and your budget is tight. It offers great value for money as it functions well and is priced very reasonably. 
  • Clean Sine Wave
    This generator creates less than 2% of total Harmonic Distortion, that means all power generated is clean and safe for your sensitive electronics such as phone, laptops, and tablets. You can connect them to the generator with peace of mind that none of your high-end devices will be damaged or harmed. 
  • High Run-time
    On a filled-up gas tank and 25% load, you can keep this generator running for around 12 continuous hours. This means that you can enjoy uninterrupted power generation for all your camping essentials for an extended period. 
  • Portable 

With this Yamaha EF1000IS generator’s handles and optimal design, you can transport it easily and move it around. This generator is highly portable and makes it ideal for camping and other uses. 

  • Durable
    The sturdy construction and robust design of the Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator allow it to survive the rough conditions and use. It is tough enough to withstand all you crazy and fun camping adventures. 
  • Light-weight
    This generator weighs up to 27.9 pounds, which means that you can easily carry it around and transport it wherever you want to set up camp. You alone could take it anywhere. 

Potential Disadvantages of the Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator 

  • Smaller Sized Wire Gauge
    This can become a severe problem if you intend to connect several appliances to the generator. Powering multiple devices can cause an issue in the operations of this generator. s
  • Low Wattage
    This generator only generates around 1000 W of power, which means you must use it wisely. You cannot plugin high voltage appliances and high load devices.

Alternatives to the Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator


Top Tips For Selecting A Portable Generator

Study the following factors closely and then decide which generator you must choose. These pointers will steer you in the right direction, and you will be able to determine what your needs are and which generator will suit them the best. Otherwise, you will pick a random generator with most stars, ignoring the possibility that it may not be right for you. 

Does it create noise?
If it creates a lot of noise, then this is a red flag. It means you must run-away and looks somewhere else. A generator that makes loud noise will keep you up all night, and you will become annoyed with it. 

What is its power wattage?
If the power wattage of the generator is not compatible with the sum of power wattage of all appliances, you may expect the ramifications of an overload disaster. 

How big is it?
Always choose a generator that is compact and smaller in size. This will help you with the installation and setting up the procedure. A smaller generator is manageable and can be easily maintained. 

Is it a dual-fuel generator?
A generator that runs on gasoline and propane can be useful for you. This way, in case of an emergency, you will have a useful power source at the back end with the flexibility in choosing the fuel.

Our Final Verdict

yamaha ef1000isLike we mentioned earlier, there is no one perfect generator for everyone. Your needs would be very different from your neighbors’ needs. You may get yourself a quiet and well-performing generator, but they might get a loud and poor performing generator. This means that you must be clear about your needs and use. But if your needs and budget are suited to Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator, you must not look anywhere else. Your camping experience will be significantly enhanced if you take this generator with you. 

It may not offer a high horsepower, but it will surely keep your essentials powered up for an extended period. This way, you can enjoy your camping experience without worrying about the power running out. So, put on your shoes and march to your nearest store and get the amazing Yamaha EF1000IS Portable Generator for yourself!

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