Westinghouse WGen5300V Portable Generator Review For 2021

wgen5300vThe great solution to all the power needs for your home and travel trailer is Westinghouse WGen5300V. It is a stand-alone generator that is sufficient for complete power backup of your home. It produces about 5300 peak watts and if it is running it produces about 6600 watts and a stroke of 2400cc OHV. It is very durable.

If the gallon is 4.7 gallons it will run up to 13.5 hours. There is a fuel gauge built inside it. When the oil shutdown it automatically turns off. It has a manual choke to electrically start the generator. There is a switch which is L14-30R that free from power strips and extensions as it takes the power of the whole house. This generator is manufactured by the “Westing house” company which is quite well known as the leading manufacturer of generators.

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Features of the Westinghouse WGen5300V Portable Generator 

wgen5300vThe generator can easily provide emergency backup for the house. It has a very quick system for starting. The life of an engine is also good as it is cast iron.

Its starting is also very easy and the fuel operation is also very efficient. It also helps in preventing damage to the engine. When the load is half it serves for 13.5 hours. It is designed in such a way that it prevents overload. It gives you 3 years warranty.

Additional features

  • It has outlet covers that prevent debris and dust to enter the generator.
  • It provides you quick start guide.
  • With the help of the VTF data center, you can see the run time in hours and volts.
  • It has a twist-lock receptacle.
  • You can power the RV without the extra adapter.
  • It has solid wheels.
  • It also has a fold-down handle.
  • It is very easy to move from one place to another.
  • The oil, tool kit, and funnel are also provided.
  • With the help of a convenient cord, the connection is very easy.

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Westinghouse WGen5300V Portable Generator from the Westinghouse website, please click here.

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Pros, cons, and alternatives for the Westinghouse WGen5300V Portable Generator 

wgen5300vThe generator just needs an additional cord hookup and you can also turn on refrigerators, air conditioners, sump pumps. It has a VFT data center which helps in the maintenance of the generator, this makes the generator durable and long-lasting.

There are no flat wheels which make it easy to move the WGen5300V generator all around. For RV it is the best solution. Its ignition is also very easy. The fuel tank capacity is 4.7 gallons. The AC frequency is 60 Hz. It has a fuel gauge and voltmeter.

Advantages of Westinghouse WGen5300V Portable Generator 

  • When the oil is low it turns off automatically.
  • Safe to use and provide overload protection.
  • It has a steel frame which provides a firm grip.
  • Flat wheels make it easy to move.
  • All the Westinghouse WGen5300V Portable Generator are tested in the factory and have a little amount of oil.
  • In just 4.7 gallons it runs up to 13.5 hours.
  • It is perfect for a backup power source.
  • It has 3 outlets 120V TT-30R.
  • It has a ready transfer switch.
  • The choke is manual.
  • It has a ready RV.
  • The generator has three years warranty.
  • The oil capacity is 20.3 oz.

Potential disadvantages of WGen5300V Portable Generator

There are many advantages while using westing WGen5300v but there are also some disadvantages which you should keep in mind.

  • It is expensive.
  • It is a little bit noisy.

Alternatives to the WGen5300V Portable Generator

Top tips for selecting a portable generator

Always remember the things discussed when you are purchasing a portable generator. When there is no electricity and you need an electrical backup then a generator is the option. There are several things you have to consider for selecting a portable generator like its wattage and decibel ratings etc. They come in a range of 2.0 kW to 10-plus kW. you have to count your total wattage uses.

As all the appliances are not on at the same time so calculate the highest wattage at the time. also, remember to count the outlets before buying the generator. Just make sure the size is small enough to help you fit it in your car if you have to take to a different place. Portable generators run on different fuels like gasoline, propane, or diesel. Depending on the cost and availability you can select the fuel option.

Some generators are too loud. Always remember to select the lower 57-decibel generator. Some generators have mufflers which reduces the sound of a generator. Select the generator which has an electric start option. If you want to move the generator remember to have flat wheels and a firm handle to have complete grip.

The other things which should be present in a generator are covered outlets and GFCI protection. There is also an option of a remote wireless startup with which you can start the generator at a certain distance. There are generators in which there is a pull start that means you have to pull the cord several times which is difficult for elder people so make sure that there is an electric start which is much easy.

Our final verdict

wgen5300vIt is the best option available in the market manufactured by Westinghouse. Westinghouse WGen5300V is also durable with maximum features. The money you spend on it will not be wasted as it has amazing features. Westinghouse WGen5300V is manufactured by a trustable brand. It is efficient in working as it automatically turns off when there is low oil in it.

If there are 4.7 gallons of fuel it can run up to 13.5 hours. There is also an emergency recoil startup in it. With the VFT display, you also get updated. It has 3 years warranty. It is the perfect solution for your home backup power. Its life of the engine is also good as it is of cast iron. when it’s at home you don’t need to worry about your backup power.

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