Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator Review For 2021

westinghouse wgen3600Have you ever thought of purchasing a portable generator but dropped the idea because you did not want to end up investing your money in something that feels like a burden, mostly due to the unpleasant sound produced by it? 

In the fast-moving world where new technologies are introduced each passing moment, access to power has become essential. From fulfilling your large electricity needs to charging your mobile phones, power is required everywhere. This ongoing need for power has ultimately increased the need for alternate sources of power like generators, which can help places where electricity and power cannot be directly accessed. 

Considering the need, various companies are manufacturing excellent generators with exceptional features, which can be the ultimate power source for consumers when electricity and power are hard to find. One such unique innovations are the Westinghouse WGen3600 portable generator. 

The Westinghouse WGen3600 fulfills your power need and provides you excellent user experience with its amazing features. This article will discuss everything you should know about the Westinghouse  WGen3600 portable generator to make an educated and informed decision. So, let’s dig into it!

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Features of the Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator 

westinghouse wgen3600Safe Outlets

The power outlets on generators are risky parts. Users are mostly exposed to electric shocks due to unsafe power outlets. But for Washington WGen3600 portable generator, customers’ safety is a priority. That’s why their portable generator comes with rubber covers. This means that the power outlets at Washington WGen3600 are covered with rubber covers that decrease electrical shock chances and give its users a safe user experience. 

Automatic Shutdown System

The Washington WGen3600 has an automatic shutdown system. When the oil in the generator reaches a minimum level, it starts damaging the engine. Therefore, to save the engine from damage, the generator automatically shuts off at minimum oil level. 

Excellent Runtime

Unlike other generators, which shuts down after being used just for a few hours, the Washington WGen3600 can operate consecutively for 18 hours. Its excellent runtime makes it an ideal product for all kinds of situations. 

Control Penal

The control penal on Washington WGen3600 is not like rocket science. This portable generator has super easy control penal; even a technophobic person can efficiently operate it. 

In-Built Handle and Wheels 

The addition of in-built wheels and handle in this generator is an addition to its amazing features and portability. Through wheels and handle, you can easily transport it anywhere you want. 

Additional Features 

  • 3600 Running Watts 
  • 4650 Peak Watts
  • Recoil Start
  • 4 Gallon Fuel Tank with Fuel Gauge
  • Run Time Per Tank: Up to 13. 5 Hours 
  • Duplex Receptacle: One 5-20R 120V Household
  • Amp Receptacles: One L5-30R 30 and One RV-Ready TT-30R 30
  • Kit Includes: Plug-and-Play:  Oil, a Tool Kit, a User’s Manual, and an Oil Funnel
  • Powered by: 4-Stroke OHV Engine of 212cc Westinghouse 
  • Engine Features: Long-Lasting Cast Iron Sleeve
  • CARB and PA Compliant
  • 3-Year Limited Labor, Parts Coverage, and Service
  • Nationwide Customer Support and Service
  • Hardened Steel Frame
  • Added Roll Bars

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator from the Westinghouse website, please click here.

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Pros, Cons, and Alternatives for the Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator 

westinghouse wgen3600Everybody dreams of finding an affordable product and come with no flaws. But even the most perfect product has some flaws. Therefore, as a customer, you should apply a proper cost-benefit analysis of the product before purchasing it.

This article contains all information about the pros and cons of the Westinghouse  WGen3600 generator for the users to make an informed decision. 

Advantages of the Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator 

  • Wheels and Handle

The Westinghouse WGen3600 weighs around 112 lbs. its weight makes it difficult to transport it. However, the generator comes with an additional mobility kit. This kit contains wheels and handles, which makes carrying and transporting it easier. 

  • Auto Shut Off Facility

This generator has an automatic shutdown facility. When the oil level reaches below the benchmark level, the engine automatically shuts down to save it from any potential damage. 

  • Efficiency and Output

This Washington generator model has a high capability of 3600W running supply production, including surge power, which increases its capacity to over 1000W at 4650W. 

  • Covered Outlets 

The power outlets at Westinghouse WGen3600 are all covered with rubber covers making it highly safe for users.

  • Easy to use

This generator comes with an additional instructions manual in which everything about this model is clearly stated; this makes its usage easier for customers. Moreover, its simple design and control penal make it extremely easy to operate. 

Potential Disadvantages of the Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator 

  • Distortion of Power Supply

The power supply in this generator can be quite distorted. It only guarantees 23% less distortion making it unsuitable for sensitive electronic devices like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other similar devices. 

  • Hour Meter

Westinghouse WGen3600 does not have an hour meter. The absence of an hour meter makes it extremely hard to track the amount of time used and causes trouble to maintain time.

  • High Weight

As mentioned above, this generator weighs 112 lbs, which raises the question of its portability. With this weight, it is hard for a single person to carry it. However, the presence of wheels and handle has solved this issue to a great extent.  

Alternatives to the Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator 

Top Tips for Selecting a Portable Generator 

Some top tips for selecting a portable generator are as follow:

Desired Power : Generators often have two types of power, surge, and running power. These powers determine the efficiency of generators. As a buyer, you should always consider the power the generator can offer before purchasing it.

Wattage Supply : Generators come with different wattage supplies with three categories, 2000 watts, 2000-7000 watts, and over 7000 watts. As a buyer, you should determine how much wattage you require and then buy the generator accordingly. 

Fuel : There are three fuel options available on generators, gasoline, diesel, and propane. Each fuel has its characteristics. Before purchasing a generator, make sure you check which fuel option is more feasible for you. 

Availability of Power Outlets : Power outlets are one of the essential features of portable generators. It adds to the user’s ease of use. When buying a generator, you should purchase one with extra receptacles. 

Weight: Weight plays a vital role in the portability of a generator. A portable generator must have lightweight to fulfill its purpose. Therefore, as a buyer, you should also consider its weight before purchasing it. 

Ease of Starting : Old generators had a recoil start option, which was hard and required much effort to start. However, modern generators come with a push-button or remote start option, which is extremely easy to operate. Therefore, while making your purchase decision, make sure the generator is easy to start and must contain either push or remote start options. 

Our Final Verdict 

westinghouse wgen3600The Westinghouse WGen3600 generator has a lot of amazing features and comes with an excellent package. However, it also has some minor disadvantages that the manufacturer already compensates for, such as a mobility kit to compensate for its heavyweight. 

If you are looking for a generator with excellent features at an affordable price, then Westinghouse WGen3600 is the best option for you. Don’t think much and purchase the exceptional Westinghouse WGen3600.

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