Diving Into the Best 5 Whole Home Generator Options In 2021

whole home generator

With extreme weather affecting nearly every region of the U.S.—from hurricanes and flooding to tornadoes and blizzards—chances are high that you’ll experience an extended power outage at some point in the relatively near future, if you haven’t already. No matter where you live, investing in the best portable generator or the best whole home generator …

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How Long Will A Whole Home Generator Effectively Run In 2021?

whole home generator run times

The question of “how long will my whole home generator last” has a wide range of answers ranging from, “It will fail to start if it is not properly maintained” to “In theory it could run indefinitely if superhuman efforts were made while it is running”. Both of these extreme answers are technically true. But …

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Do Whole Home Generators Add Strong Home Value in 2021?

whole home generators

Whole home generators can increase your home’s value when it comes time to put your house on the market. It won’t likely be the initial draw that gets a prospective buyer interested in your property, but it is a very real and tangible luxury feature that could mean the difference when narrowing that decision down …

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