Best Hurricane Generator for Storm Preparedness in 2021

hurricane generator

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season started on June 1. This being the case, you may be concerned that it is too late to ensure you have a hurricane generator at the ready in case of a worst-case scenario. After all, it’s predicted to be an above-average hurricane season this year, and these storms are incredibly …

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How to Use A Generator During A Hurricane: A Guide For 2021

how to use a generator during a hurricane

Hurricane season is now upon us, and with meteorologists predicting above-average storm activity for 2020, residents of coastal areas should begin preparations now—if they haven’t already. Being hurricane-ready (and knowing how to use a generator during a hurricane) means having a well-stocked hurricane kit with items like flashlights, bottled water, batteries and non-perishable foods; knowing …

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