Suaoki G500 – Solar Portable Generator Review For 2021

suaoki g500Suaoki is a power production company that has released many portable power solutions.  Their existing foray into the car jump-starter business made for its natural inclusion into this portable power supply giving it an unmatched benefit over other brands competing for their share of this growing market.


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Features of the SUAOKI G500 400Wh Portable Generator Power Station

suaoki g500300W portable power in a small and lightweight package is quite a feature and the Suaoki Portable Power Station provides that with allowance for 600W surge draw on those fans and motor spikes.  Capable of handling small appliance surges will keep your power station from shutting down when you need it most.

Commonly paired with excellent deals on their solar panel arrays, the Suaoki G500 400Wh Power Station truly becomes a solar generator when paired with the panels.  Charging during the day and use all night, this power station can stay topped off and functional for all your needs.

Storing this in your garage or even the trunk of your car might save you from being stranded with a dead car battery.  The dedicated “car jump starter” port and included cables can be attached to your car’s battery and used as a booster from anywhere, no long extension cords necessary.

The simple and no-nonsense lighted display gives you vital information at a glance with no calculations to make.  Battery life remaining is displayed as an easy to read graphic with the familiar battery bars.  AC power and DC power draws are indicated directly below the charging input rate.

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the SUAOKI G500 400Wh Portable Generator from the SUAOKI website, please click here.

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Pros and Cons of the SUAOKI G500 400Wh Portable Generator Power Station

suaoki g500The reviews of the Suaoki G500 400Wh Portable Power Station have plenty to say about the product, good and bad.  From glowing five star reviews to scathing one star rants, this unit certainly seems to polarize users.  Here are some of the common pros and cons for you to look over and see for yourself.


  • The unit has a port dedicated to jump-starting your car. The 12V DC 600A outlet of the Suaoki G500 is specifically set up as a way to give new life to a drained car battery.  In an added bonus, the unit is shipped with the appropriate jumper clips.
  • The AC power outlet are separated by a few centimeters, allowing you to plug in an over-sized plug or a transformer. Transforming DC to AC just to bring it back down to DC again will cost you some loss, but at least you have the option if needed.
  • Individual on/off switches allow you to kill power to the AC or the DC supplies without interrupting power to the other.


  • Their own promo image showing how long it can run devices shows a CPAP running for 3 hours. This is true if you run the humidifier, but it can run a CPAP for 8hrs without the humidifier.  This failure in marketing instills doubt.
  • Lack of flow-through charging makes this a charge OR use machine. You can’t draw power as it is charging or it will diminish the battery life.

Alternatives to the SUAOKI G500 400Wh Portable Generator

Our Verdict

suaoki g500Lack of technical support and poor customer service plague the reviews on this unit.  While it may be a decent product, overwhelming reports of unit problems or outright failures being met with crickets from the manufacturer gives reason to believe you may be better off looking closely at other brands before making a purchase.


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