Sportsman 4000W Dual-Fuel Generator Review

When looking for a dual fuel generator, sometimes all one needs is the ability to alternate fuel sources and nothing more. The Sportsman 4000W Dual-Fuel Generator is a solid and reliable generator without all the extra add ons that have become ubiquitous selling points in the generator market. If you know what you want, this may be the generator for you.

Features of the Sportsman 4000W Dual-Fuel Generator

This model seems to run forever. If you’re looking for a dual fuel generator that won’t have you topping off the fuel tanks constantly, this is the unit you’re looking for. 10 hours on a single tank of gasoline and 12 hours on a standard grill tank of LP.

The interface panel is simple and clean. An analog voltmeter gives you the power reading and dual duplex outlets give you four outlets to plug into. RV ready 30A plug, four standard household plugs, and a dedicated 12VDC battery charging output makes this a straight forward power plant

3500W is enough to run most of your general generator-friendly appliances. Enough to run the RV air conditioner unit and small enough to remain portable. The 4000W starting surge allows for fans and motors to start up without tripping the breakers and stalling the generator.

The generator frame is a sturdy chassis ready to take the rigors and abuse that can happen as you transport heavy gear like this back and forth from storage to use. Whether you are a contractor relying on this for remote site power, or a casual camper looking to charge up your appliances while out in the woods, the Sportsman GEN4000DF will be ready.


Pros and Cons of the Sportsman GEN4000DF

Shopping around for anything is important and before you spend the investment in a dual fuel generator you want to look at the pros and cons of each unit. This is a good generator but here are some of the pros and cons we found while looking it over.

Pros of the Sportsman 4000W Dual-Fuel Generator

  • Power consumption and output are no longer guesswork as the clear indication of the voltage on the front of the interface panel will display. Ensuring you are receiving the proper voltage at all times at just a quick glance.
  • When you’re out and about on the camping trip, job site or at the tailgate party, you’ll want to mess around with extension cords as little as possible. This generator has four household plugs for multiple outputs.
  • The engine efficiency is unrivaled as this unit will run on a standard 20lb tank of LP for over 12 hours meaning you’ll be running longer while changing fuel less often.

Cons of the Sportsman 4000W Dual-Fuel Generator

  • The unit weighs in over 90 pounds and while that’s not terribly bad for a generator, the chassis does not have wheels or a wheel kit add-on available.
  • Many generators in this size class have electric starters for electricity at the push of a button. This model does not. You will be relying on the pull rope starter.

Our Verdict

The 7500W is a nice top end feature but this generator gives you minimal bells and whistles, not to mention that at 69dB, this is as loud as most generators get. If you are looking for a minimalist job site dual fuel generator this may work for you but as a consumer level general purpose unit, you may want to shop around before settling with this unit.


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