Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator Revoew For 2021

sportsman 4000w dual-fuel generatorIn this age, a continuous supply of electrical power has become crucial. Almost every household appliance runs on electricity and in case of discontinuity in electrical power, routine work could be grossly affected. This could result in financial loss and loss of time. Generators are very useful in this regard as they provide the backup of electricity in homes, workplaces, or any other outdoor event.

One of these generators is Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator which is a compact open frame dual fuel generator. It’s a portable generator which makes it very easy to move around and keep on running electric supply with its 4000 Watts power while on road, on-site or in case of any power failure at any place.

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Features of Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator

sportsman 4000w dual-fuel generatorThis Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator is a powerhouse portable generator that can go up to 4000 Watts. It has a dual-fuel capability which means it is flexible as we can use propane gas as well as gasoline that is unleaded. It gives an amazing running time of either of the fuels which is 10 hours with a full tank of gasoline and 12 hours on propane with a full 20lb tank.

Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator comes with 4 outlets of 120 Volts each, a 120-Volt RV outlet, and a DC outlet that can be used to charge the battery. It has an incredibly powerful engine of 7HP and unlike any generator, with such a heavy engine it is less deafening. It runs on 69 dba which is not too loud and creates less disturbance and noise on site hence this is good for camping, tailgating, and any outdoor event and festival. Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator comes with the traditional pull start mechanism to kick it off.

Additional Features 

Some extra features of the Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator are as follows

  • Voltmeter- to monitor power output and keep track of its status
  • Circuit breaker -to shut down the generator when it’s overloaded
  • Low oil shut off – shuts the generator off when oil level is below a certain mark
  • Weight – as compared to other power generators it is lightweight with almost 95 lb.
  • Large tank – fuel tank has the capacity of 3.6 gallons for longer run
  • Four Outlets- it has 4 outlets of 120 volts each, and also includes a single 120V 
  • 212 CC engine displacement

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator from the Sportsman website, please click here.

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Pros and Cons of Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator

Generators are very beneficial when it comes to run electric appliances where there is no electric power supply like job site and any other outdoor event and any unforeseen power outage. If the generator is portable then it is even more favorable as it can be moved around to multiple places and this is one of the main advantages of The Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator that is helpful for you on the go. Like any other generator, the sportsman 4000w dual fuel generator has also some disadvantages linked to it along with many of its advantages and we will share its main pros and cons in detail. 


  • Dual fuel- run on both gasoline and propane giving you the flexibility to choose the best fuel for your purpose and within your budget
  • Lightweight – with only about 94 lb. this powerhouse is not heavy like other generators
  • Compact design – its open-frame design makes it grab by its frame to move it around and even raise it to higher ground level
  • Spark arrestor – the spark arrestor makes it fit to use in timbered areas 
  • EPA Certified- It is EPA approved which means it is quite environmentally friendly
  • Easy Handling- it is easy to set up and use with traditional pull start
  • Utmost Run time – Provides an extended time of continuous power supply with twin fuels flexibility
  • Accessories included – comes with a connector that allows you to charge the 12 Volt batteries that are common for automotive style. It also includes wrench for a spark plug and a funnel that can be used for adding oil as well as a 5 ft. kit.

Potential disadvantages:            

Besides its many benefits, The Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator has some below-mentioned limitations like any other generator

  • High altitude: The Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator is not suggested for high altitude use above 3,000 ft.
  • No wheel kit – it does have any wheel kit but its low weight makes it portable
  • No LP cylinder – although it runs on Propane this generator does not include any LP cylinder with it
  • Decibel rating-It has less than 69 dB which is less noisy amongst generators but this is only with no load 

Alternatives to the Sportsman 4000w Generator 

Top Tips for portable generator

sportsman 4000w dual-fuel generatorA portable generator, like any other portable thing, is the one that would be easily carried out or moved between places, especially because being of a lighter and smaller version than usual. While choosing any portable generator, the main purpose of a buyer is easy, hassle free transportation of the generator either by the generator having a wheel kit or it being small in size and lightweight for easy grabbing and shifting.

Another basic aspect of a generator is its backup power and that can be determined by its purpose and how many electric appliances it needs to provide power to. Thus a powerful portable generator is the best choice to go for so that it can provide continuous electric supply to all those appliances which you have intended to electrify from it.

Furthermore, a portable generator with lesser noise is the best option to choose from a variety of portable generators as it would be comfortable to be around it. Hence the best portable generator would be the one with ease to move, heavy power supply, small size, lightweight, and less earsplitting.


sportsman 4000w dual-fuel generatorThe Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel Generator is an extremely powerful generator with a compact design, small in size and lightweight. It can serve as a backup source of electric power supply to all your basic home appliances and is suitable for carrying out to any outdoor event as it is not so loud so it won’t be uncomfortable to be around it.

It can easily handle most of your electric appliances need during various events and locations with a very long run time because of its twin fuel capability. The Sportsman 4000w Dual-Fuel is very expedient and steadfast in any situation.

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