Discovering The 5 Best Remote Start Generator Options

Convenience and safety are the two key factors when considering the remote start generator.  The convenience of the ability to turn the power off without having to go to the generator itself, the convenience of starting the power without having to get out of bed, and the safety of the remote start generator for the very same reasons.

Best Remote Start Generator

Sometimes it’s not about staying warm and comfortable, it’s about keeping out of the weather and away from dangers.  You have options when considering which remote start generator to purchase, let’s discover our top five picks.

Firman Generators ECO4000RE

This Firman may be the answer to all your remote start generator needs.  Starting surge power rated at 4000W and running solid at 3500W, it puts out enough power to keep you lit up during the storm, entertained at the tailgate party, charged up at the campsite, working strong at the jobsite, or any other of your remote power needs.

The eight inch wheels and extended wide wheelbase makes for stable non-tip transportation to wherever you are deploying the generator and the sturdy frame handle gives you plenty of leverage to just lean it back and pull it anywhere like a standard moving dolly.  When you’re in place, the handle breaks down and folds over the generator to add another level of protection over the fuel tank.

12v on board battery is safely secured below the operating panel for proper maintenance and charging.  The generator can be key started when you are turning the power on and off, or can be left in the “on” position for use with the remote control.  This remote start generator has a range of over half a football field, so you won’t have to be right on top of the action and can truly remain remote when controlling your generator.


Champion 3500-R

With the same wattage stats as the Firman, the Champion 3500-R is a strong and capable remote start generator that will keep you powered up when you need it.  Allowing a starting surge of 4000W and a solid run of 3500W, this compact power plant will be able to handle your power requirements with ease.  The Champion brand has been in the generator market for some time now and gained a reputation as reliable tools with impeccable customer support.

A digital gauge right on the control panel will show you your voltage and frequency in an easy to see readout.  The Intelligauge will also display the engine run hours so you can keep accurate records of the generator’s operation and schedule your maintenance accordingly.  The compact frame fits in smaller spaces for transportation and storage and the fold out handle makes moving the generator easy.

The control panel has a switch to turn the battery on and off as well as the additional ignition start switch allowing you to keep the battery from draining when not in use.  Cold start technology and an 80’ range with the key fob makes this easy and convenient remote start generator the best power generator you won’t have to worry about.


Energizer eZV3200P

Stepping back from the traditional generators, we come across the Energizer eZV3200P remote start generator.  This unit stands alone in a class by itself on this list.  The inverter generators can offer some key options that a conventional generator can not.  Regulated power and reduction in volume are chief among them.  The increase in cost and decrease in wattage output reflect the change in generator class, but this alternative is an incredible option to have.

Still operating at a strong 2800W with a 3200W surge allowance, this generator is still capable of running most appliances you would run with the previous conventional generators.  What you lose in running power you gain in clean power output safe for delicate electronics and quiet operational exhaust, measured below 60dB, the volume of ordinary conversation.

Small and compact, this unit is perfect for camping trips or other places where you need power but noise is a concern.  This remote start generator will allow you to turn out the lights with the touch of your keyfob from inside your tent, or start the power up and get that first pot of coffee brewing without ever leaving your sleeping bag.  Of course, there are plenty of other uses for a remote start generator, but camp side coffee first thing in the morning kind of sells itself…


Westinghouse 8KPRO

When you need a beefier remote start generator, you begin looking at the higher wattage models.  The Westinghouse 8KPRO is a 10000W starting surge and 8000W continuous run that will power up nearly anything you plug into it.  Two 30A twistlock outlets and a 240V output means this machine is ready for some serious power.  The entire output is GFCI protected and the rugged control panel keeps the outlets covered when not in use to keep them shielded from the elements.

Squat in the back with a wider wheelbase, this will make for a smoother pull and less likely tip over when transporting this heavy beast.  Shipped with oil and tools, this generator is ready to go right out of the box.  Just add gasoline and go.  Also included is a battery charger for keeping the starter battery topped off.

This monster remote start generator turns over easily with the push of a button.  On the control panel you’ll find an easy program button to initialize the keyfob, or to program a new one if the original is lost or damaged.  The 15 seconds delay before engaging the load will ensure a smoother power transfer and the output runs through a conditioner that minimizes harmonic distortion making this large remote start generator safe for delicate electronics.


Category 5 Model 41535

Nearing the same power output capacity but coming in with a more modest price tag than the Westinghouse is the Category5 Model 41535 remote start generator.  Manufactured as an external product of the well known “Champion” brand, you’re getting the reliability of a known brand.  Just under 9400W starting surge and 7500W running power, this heavy duty machine can put out some serious power while maintaining a less expensive price point.

Users report this Category 5 is a strong contender and runs reliably under pressure.  The digital readout will display your voltage and frequency of the output as well as engine run hours so you can schedule your routine maintenance accordingly.  Two duplex outlets, a twistlock 30A outlet and another twistlock 30A for 240V, each with their own protective circuit breaker, gives you all the plug in space you’ll need to power the critical appliances in your home, or anywhere else you require maximum portable power.

This remote start generator feature is built with a 15 second delay before it engages power to the loads allowing the engine to get to speed, and therefore the proper voltage and frequency, before engaging power.  Ordinarily you’d disconnect the load before manually, but being a remote smart generator, they built this in for true remote operation.


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