Pulsar 10000W Dual-Fuel Generator Review

Large and in charge is a great way to epitomize this generator. The power plant gives more power than some of its competitors all while supplying you with various output plug options to draw that power from. A general use generator with the convenience of dual fuel sources interchangeable during operation, the Pulsar 10000W Dual-Fuel Generator is a good generator to consider.

Features of the Pulsar 10000W Dual-Fuel Generator

Engine output on the Pulsar 10000W is a bit stronger than some of its competitors in the same generator market. While many others are measured at 7500W, this runs at 8000W on gasoline and that 500W difference can be important in a power pinch.

One touch electric start makes for ease of use and convenience when starting and stopping the generator while out at the tailgate party or campsite. Roll the generator into place and at the touch of a button you have all the power you need. The starter battery is connected to the generator output circuit so it is being charged up while the generator runs.

Multiple power outlets ensure you have plenty of options for your various power plugs. Four household plugs, one 30A twist-lock, and a 50A RV ready plug keep this generator a one stop power pant with no need for pesky multi-taps.

The 6.5 gallon gasoline tank will run for 12 hours of constant use, and if that’s not enough to restore power, the “switch and go” technology allows you to convert to your LP fuel feed at the flip of a switch without having to power everything down to refuel or switch feeds.


Pros and Cons of the Pulsar 10,000W portable generator

Listed as a 10000W unit, the unit runs at 8000W on gasoline and 7000W on LP. Strong points and weaknesses are part of any consumer product and this generator has some of both. Depending on your generator needs, these points may make the difference between a purchase or a pass.

Pros of the Pulsar 10000W Dual-Fuel Generator

  • Something that should be a standard feature but isn’t on so many contemporary models, the electric started battery charges when the generator is running. No more having to charge your battery separately.
  • Sturdy wheels integrated into the chassis and collapsible folding handles make this unit easy to transport and wheel around the campsite or garage floor, but minimizes the footprint by folding the handles away.
  • You can switch between fuel sources while the generator is running on this model. When your gasoline tank runs dry you can move the switch to LP and keep the power on without having to stop and refuel.

Cons of the Pulsar 10000W Dual-Fuel Generator

  • Generators can be loud and while many manufacturers have attempted to minimize the volume output of their machines this generator is still terribly loud.
  • The AC power output on this unit is measured as variable and “dirty”. This is not a problem if you are running power tools or large appliances but can become a problem if you are charging delicate electronics.

Our Verdict

Strong, large and loud, the Pulsar 10kW is a good enough machine if you are looking for a workhorse of a generator for a job site or emergency backup for the house. However it may not measure up as an all purpose generator that can produce the raw power for large appliances while maintaining clean power for smaller needs.


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