Predator Inverter Generator Review: Portable Generators 2021

predator inverter generatorPower generators manufacturers are constantly trying to build bigger and more powerful generators. Unfortunately, this design philosophy also means that the size of their models is constantly growing, up to the point where it becomes impractical to use one of these generators for anything other than providing power for a home during a longer blackout, or to generate electricity for use in houses that are not connected to the electrical grid.

Portability as a philosophy

Predator has decided on another philosophy for their 1600 Watts Portable  Predator Inverter Generator. The model is as efficient as any other Predator model, however, it has been built in order to cater to the needs of those who need an extremely portable way to generate power. The 1600 model is light enough to carry in one hand, and small enough to fit in any car trunk without any problems, making it perfect for those who would use it in order to run power tools in locations that are off the grid.

Flexibility for more demanding situations

The 1600 Watts Portable Predator Inverter Generator also comes with the feature to connect to another device of the same model in order to double its power output. This option makes is it perfect for anyone who needs to have power everywhere and does not want to carry around a cumbersome 200-pound power generator. This design choice caters to both businesses, as well as regular individuals who want to have a generator to serve as backup during emergencies.

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Features Of Predator Inverter Generator 

  • predator inverter generatorDimensions – The 2000/1600 Watts Portable Inverter Generator measures 22.6 x 12.6 x 18.5 inches and weighs 54 pounds, making it one of the smaller and lighter generators on the market.
  • Highly durable – The generator itself is housed inside an extremely durable casing that can take a beating and still be in one piece. This makes the generator ideal for use in any type of environment and any type of weather;
  • Medium running time – The generator can operate for over 6 hours while at 50% capacity, which is perfect for running power tools in areas where there is no any power, essential home appliances during a short blackout or a couple of electronic consumers during a camping trip;
  • Ability to connect to another generator – If the power output of a single generator is not enough, then the owner has the ability to connect two Predator 2000/1600 Watts Portable Inverter Generators together in order to increase the amount of power that they produce. In order to make the connection, an RV Ready Predator Parallel kit is required’
  • Extremely efficient design – At the heart of the generator there is a low-consumption 79.7 cc OHV gas engine. This makes the model a great choice for anyone from individuals who want to have a way to generate power while camping or sailing to those who simply want to have a generator stored in their garage, as a precaution;
  • Overload protection – The model comes with a system that protects connected power consumers from electronic overload;
  • Multiple power outlets – The generator comes with four power outlets that can be used to connect devices that have different power needs. The model comes with two 120V AC grounded outlets and one DC 12V 8A outlets, giving more flexibility to those who want to run more electrical consumers at the same time.
  • Silent operation – The design of the generator and of the casing has been thought so that it dampens much of the noise produced by the gas engine;
  • Inverter Technology – Power inverters produce clean and stable power that can be safely used by very sensitive appliances and devices;
  • Easy to operate – The design and controls of the generator are extremely straight forward and simple to understand, enabling even those who have never used a device of this type before to operate it;
  • Portable design – The small form factor, the reduced weight and the handle built into the top of the casing make the generator easy to carry around or to use in smaller spaces.

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Predator Inverter Generator from the Predator website, please click here.

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Pros and Cons of the Predator Inverter Generator 

predator inverter generatorPros

  • Low noise – Most generators tend to be extremely noisy, making them impractical to keep in close proximity to the house, however, the design of this model dampens a lot of the noise that the engine produces. In an open space, without anything above or in front of it, the generator produces around 65dB or noise, which is less than other models in its class;
  • Easy to maintain and clean – The case is built more like a shell around the entire generator, making it extremely easy to clean and to maintain. If anything ever gets on it, it can simply be wiped off using a damp cloth;
  • RV-ready – Not many generators offer the ability to increase their power output by connecting another one in parallel. The Predator 2000/1600 Watt Portable Power Inverter gives those who enjoy camping the ability to get two of these and to use them according to the power requirements of their electronics;
  • Stable energy generation – The idea of shorting some of the more sensitive electronics connected to a power generator is always in the back of owner’s head, however, this model from Predator manages to ease their spirits with an electronic overload protection system. Furthermore, power inverters are usually designed specifically for more sensitive devices;
  • Highly resilient to physical damage – The case is made from extremely durable materials that can take a beating or can face the full wrath of the elements. The generator has been made to be carried around, and naturally, the engineers at predator have made sure that it can handle a few bumps and bruises without requiring repairs or extra care;


  • Not many outlets – While the generator does come with three outlets for power output, this number may restrict those who want to use the model in order to produce power for essential utilities in their home during a blackout;
  • Low oil storage capacity – The generator can only hold around 10 ounces of oil and this means that those who plan to leave it running for longer periods of time may have to change the oil every 80-10 hours. While this is not a deal-breaker, it is something to consider if you plan to leave it running for more than a day;
  • Parallel kit – The feature to connect two of these generators is great to have, however, it does mean that if you plan to use it you will need to also buy the kit required to make the connection.

Alternatives to the Predator Inverter Generator 


predator inverter generatorThe 2000 Peak / 1600 Watt Power Predator Inverter Generator is certainly one of the best products in its class. While it may not be the cheapest, it does offer the most value for what it costs.

Great for camping

Those who are looking for a small, portable generator to carry around when they go camping should definitely consider this one. Its size, efficiency, and low noise make it a great tool to have when you need to power a few small kitchen appliances or other power consumers. The inverter technology that it uses also makes it great for charging electronic devices like tablets, phones, laptops, or for powering computers.

Parallel connection

While the generator itself is not designed for large power output, those who need to run more demanding electrical consumers also have the ability to connect two of them in parallel. This basically means that you can get the best of both worlds: an efficient, portable generator that can be taken anywhere, as well as the ability to set up a system that can be used in order to power a small home.

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