Predator Generator Review – Portable Generators for 2021

predator generatorRegarding power generators, the Predator 7000-watt option is by far one of the strongest options on the market. It is the ideal equipment for those living in remote areas, or regions that experience frequent power issues. The industrial build and rugged workmanship make it a perfect option for field work as well. However, its size and weight make it a bit difficult to carry without enough space in a vehicle or manpower to lift.

Connect everything!

As with other Predator generators, this model comes with 4 outlets that enable the owner to connect any kind of electrical consumer, from power tools to home appliances and even laptops, cell phones, and computers. This alone makes it an interesting choice for those looking to buy a generator to serve as a backup in case the power ever goes down for an extended period of time.

Great for large yards

Despite its size, the design of the generator also makes the Predator 7000 Watts useful for anyone who has a large yard. The generator can be moved and stored across the yard and used in order to power lawnmowers, lights, etc. If it is ever left running, it will automatically stop when it does not have any more fuel.

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Features Of  Predator Generator

  • predator generatorSize – The Predator 7000 Watts Generator measures 22 ¾ in. height x 26 7/8 in. length x 22 in. width and weighs 192 pounds. Its large dimensions make it one of the largest power generators in its category;
  • 12-hour runtime – The generator can run non-stop for 12 hours, which makes it ideal for supplying power to the home during long power shortages, or to run power tools and heavy-duty machines on a large property where using extension cables is impractical;
  • Rugged build – The generator’s heavy, ultra-durable build makes it highly resilient to physical damage, as well as the prolonged exposure to bad weather;
  • Low-oil shutdown feature and indicator – The generator comes equipped with a system that automatically shuts the machine down when it detects that its oil supply has run out. The owner can easily monitor the oil level using the indicator that blinks when it drops below a certain point;
  • Multiple power outlets – This model comes with two 120V 20A outlets, one 120V 20 twist lock outlet, and one 240V 30A outlet with the same locking system. The multiple power outlets enable the generator to run several electrical consumers at once without the need to connect an extension cable;
  • Predator gas engine – The heart of the generator is a Predator gas engine that has been designed for heavy use in a variety of environments;
  • Electric start feature – While the generator does have a coiled mechanism to start it up, it also comes with an electric start system;
  • UL listed breakers – The generator comes with circuit breakers that ensure that your electrical consumers will always be safe in case of an accident.

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Predator Generator from the Predator website, please click here.

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Pros and Cons of the Predator Generator

predator generatorPros

  • Power outlets galore – Most power generator in this class only come with one or two power outlets. The connectivity options of the Predator 7000 Watt generator make it a great choice for those looking to keep it around the house in case a blackout prolongs over a longer period of time;
  • Low-oil shutdown feature – Having this option is great for anyone who wants to leave the generator on for extended periods of time. Rather than having to check on it every couple of hours, the owner can simply give it all the oil that it can take and go about his business knowing that if the generator runs out it will shut itself down;
  • Can run for 12 hours straight – The generator is heavy and cumbersome, it’s not designed to be particularly mobile, however, it has been built to produce electricity for a long period of time, making it great for anyone who lives in more remote areas;


  • Overkill – While not a disadvantage in itself, the size, performance, and features of the generator may be too much for those who are looking to get a small, portable generator that produces very little noise.

Alternatives to the Predator Generator

Final Verdict On Predator Generator review

predator generatorThe Predator 7000 Watt Generator is one of the best generators in its class. It comes with great features that can make it an incredibly useful tool for anyone who needs a good backup for their home. The multiple power outlets and the ability to run for 12 hours while at 50% capacity ensure that it can power a small home all through the day.

This having been said, it is important to keep in mind that the size cannot be ignored. Those who buy it for their homes will not move it a lot, however, if you need a generator to carry around with you, you will have to make sure that you’ve got enough room in your vehicle.

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