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honda eu2200i

Have you had a faulty generator so far? If yes, you probably know how painful can it be to operate it and to rely on it. If you want to avoid having troubles like that one again, you need to look at reliable manufacturers as a step one. On the subject of this, one of the most reputable, well-known manufacturers is in fact, Honda. This is why we decided to write a Honda Eu2200i review and talk about the most important aspect of this product of theirs.

The reason why we had to write a Honda EU2200i review on this generator is its awesome design, performance and construction. For instance, the user-experience with this generator is probably the best you can find. You pay for it, get it and it stays there to serve your needs.

Every single part of it is pre-defined, automated and it works seamlessly. It is definitely a smart generator which requires no effort from your side whatsoever. So, if this piece got your attention, keep on reading our Honda Eu2200i review to find out why you might need to buy this generator.

Overall information about the Honda EU2200i

A lot of people got very excited when they heard about the upgrade of the old EU2000i. The reason for this is that the new and more powerful generator could satisfy the needs of more users in a better manner. After all, Honda is a known manufacturer for pushing itself to the boundaries. This is exactly what they did with the Honda Eu2200i generator. Indeed, this generator became a legend amongst legends for all the right reasons. This new and better inverter generator is an excellent choice for a purchase.

For instance, you can easily use it for various occasions. Regardless of what, where or for how long you are going, you know that a good Honda generator will be a reliable friend for you. It is excellent for outdoor use like camping or excursions too. You can even have it as a plan B in your garage or toolshed in case you face power outage. It is the powerful yet portable generator you must have.

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Most important features of the Honda Eu2200i generator

honda eu2200iWe all know the type of quality you can find in all Honda generators. Also, we have all heard about the quality and performance that can be found in their inverter series generators. After all, they’ve been creating and designing for decades.

Their products evolved with each new series and they finaly came to the latest one in which the Honda Eu2200i is. This lineup of generators features greater durability, excellent performance and minimized noise. All of their inverter generators are like powerful like tigers and quiet as cats. These sneaky monsters have the power outage you must have in your garage. After all, Honda is probably the best generator brand you can find.

Specifically, the Honda EU2200i is a generator that lives up to the legendary demands. Compared to its predecessor, it generates 10% more power which is why it is an upgrade. However, it has an abundance of new features too. This is why it stands out from the rest of the generator crowd. This beastly generator has red coded components, stress-free oil fill drain features as well as a smart fuel shut off valve.

Additionally, it features a concentrated output when your RPM is low. We can easily conclude that this is a revolutionizing portable inverter generator. Although very powerful, it is still very silent and it doesn’t disturb anyone while it is working. Additionally, the power doesn’t affect the weight of the generator. It is light and very easy to carry around. It is definitely an all-in-one package.

Honda EU2200i convenience and ease of use

As we said before, this Honda generator is very convenient and offers numerous features. All of them require almost zero effort from your side. This generator does it all, all by itself. First of all, it features an automatic mechanical de-compressor. This one allows the user to start the unit without using force. So, operating this generator will be a piece of cake.

Additionally it has a noise reduction capability features. This feature was incorporated with the purpose of minimizing the noise of the generator. In the end, the generator can operate without disturbing anyone. Specifically, the maximum noise you can achieve with this generator is 57dB(A) if you run it at full power. So, it is very convenient for camping trips without it bothering your zen.

Another thing we should mention on the subject of convenience is its weight. Namely, this generator comes in dimensions of 20”x11,4”x16,7”. Of course, the logical weight that would come from a unit so small would be the incredible 47lbs. You can easily conclude that anyone, regardless of their power can move this unit without difficulties. So, it won’t be a problem to stack it in the trunk and carry it with you on your camping trips. Even if you have to walk for a few miles, you won’t even feel that it is there. And yet, it will make your trips much more comfortable.

Lastly, we should mention the easy fill and drain feature with the shut off valve. This makes this unit very flexible and easy to use. In addition to this, you have a smart oil indication feature. This one shuts of the unit automatically if you don’t have enough fuel.

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Honda EU2200i Generator from the Honda website, please click here.


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Pros and Cons of the Honda EU2200i Generator

honda eu2200iPros

  • Great value purchase
  • Quiet operation
  • Portable and easy to move around
  • Excellent warranty
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable construction


  • Won’t start easily if gas is sitting for longer periods in the tank

Alternatives to the Honda Eu2200i Generator


honda eu2200iGetting a good portable inverter generator can be an easy task. However, in order for this to be true, you should always rely on good brands and good generators.

Possibly the best lightweight invertor generator for personal use you can find that is both powerful and lightweight is the Honda EU2200i. This generator is an all-in-one package and it can be used on a daily basis too.

Thanks for reading our Honda EU2200i Review!

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