Honda EG2800i – Portable Generator Review for 2021

In order to get a good inverter generator you must go through several phases. First, you realize that you need one. Second, you need to take a look at your needs and analyze them in order to know what to look for. Three, start the endless phase of research without being able to get to phase four – making a final decision. With our Honda EG2800i review, we will help you skip the three very long phases and make a decision right away. After all, the brand known for offering high quality and satisfying needs of clients is Honda.

In this review, we will talk about all the things that you must know about this inverter generator. Knowing these information will help you make a good decision you will be happy with. Also, it will make it worth your money, without you feeling as if you were scammed in the long run. So, keep on reading to find if the Honda EG2800i is the investment you should make.

Overall information about the Honda EG2800i generator

You shouldn’t be surprised to find out that the Honda generator we are reviewing is very powerful. It features amazing 2800 watts for your needs as well as 120V. Additionally, this invertor is incredibly light and it can be moved around easily. This is what makes it perfect for home use, and in case you have a power outage. You can completely trust it because it offers incredible perforamance without being too loud or hard to use.

If we take into consideration that we are talking about an inverter generator, there are few things that we need to mention. Firstly, this generator is inverter. This would mean that it is fuel efficient and that it spends fuel in a very effective way too – bringing you as much power as possible. Additionally, it offer high-quality power. This is excellent for you if you want to use it to power sensitive electronics, tools or equipment.

This generator can be used to power numerous appliances at home. Namely, with it you can power coffee makers, lights, furnaces, TVs and DVDs, microwave ovens, refrigirators or even freezers. However, note that the latter must have an energy star. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can power all of these devices simultaneously. In order to power some of them simultaneously, you need to make the calculations according to your units’ power demands.

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Features of the Honda EG2800i inverter generator

honda eg2800iThe inverter generator we are reviewing has a lot of features that might come in quite handy. Especially if you have the needs for them. If you do need them, they make this generator quite a worthy investment. For instance, this generator offers a high-quality power for home usage, and you can really trust it. It provides with reliable home power and it can power all the basic home devices and appliances. In case you have a power outage, you can rely on it to charge your phone, laptop and other necessary appliances like fridges.

Additionally, it is excellent to use if you are scared about using it with sensitive electronics. There is no way that it will cause them any damage. The power it provides is of high quality and it is very stable too.

We should also mention that The Honda EG2800i operates up to 12 hours using only 2.1 gal of fuel. The reason for this is because it has the exclusive Eco Throttle system. This one is there to maximize the fuel efficiency. Moreover, this allows the engine to adjust up and down. This makes it produce only the amount of power you need at that specific moment. In the end, the result from this system is having a generator which is both quiet, fuel efficient. In the end, this saves you a lot of money on the long run.

Portability of the generator

For many of us, having to move around the generator is a very hard task. We too are wondering why they make them so heavy. As we have to mention in our Honda EG2800i review, Honda solved this problem of ours. The generator we are talking about is very lightweight. It can practically be moved around one person. This surely makes it very convenient and easy to use on the long run. Specifically, it weighs only 67lbs. Indeed, this is a powerhouse in a very compact package. You can simply grab it with one hand and do whatever it is your primary task.

Additionally, we should note that this portable package of the powerhouse does not affect the quality of the power provided by the generator. Namely, it still has a very stable and high-quality power. You can stay rest assured your valuable appliances at home will not be damaged at all. You get clean power in a very compact, lightweight and easy-to carry-around package.

Noise and Convenience of using the Honda EG2800i generator

Amongst the things you should never be worried about is noise with this generator. Namely, it has a large muffler which makes this generator very quiet. It operates between 62 and 67 decibels which is a respectable amount of noise. Especially if we consider the amount of power it provides.

Talking about the convenience of the generator, we can say that this is a very easy-to-use tool. It has an easy-start feature asides from being very fuel efficient. It has a very reliable engine, just like other Honda engines. This is how you know that you can rely on it for many years to come. More importantly, knowing that this generator comes from Honda, you know that it has certification for meeting the 50-state EPA and CARB emission levels.

Lastly, we should mention that this amazing generator has a built-in 30A outlet. For you as a user, this would mean that you will find connecting it to a transfer switch would be very easy. This way, you know that you will have generator power to your home, and that only the sky is the limit.

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Honda EG2800i Generator from the Honda website, please click here.

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Pros and Cons of the Honda EG2800i Generator

honda eg2800iPros

  • Very powerful for personal use
  • EPA and CARB certified
  • Lightweight
  • Fuel efficient


  • It is not for professional sue
  • It can still be found as loud if used in very silent environments

Alternatives to the Honda EG2800i Generator


honda eg2800iIf you want to get the best for your money and get a high-quality generator, as our Honda EG2800i review has probably shown you, you won’t regret getting it. It is probably the best generator for home use you can possibly find on the market.


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