Best Portable GEnerators for 2020

best portable generators for 2020

With 2020 fast approaching, we at Generator Expert found it beneficial to provide our selections for the best portable generator for 2020.

Best Generators for Tailgating

best generators for tailgating

Tailgating can turn to boredom if you have no power source. Here are eight wonderful generator options to ensure your tailgate is great.

Best Generators for Food Trucks

best generators for food trucks

A lot hinges on how your food truck is powered. To ensure your business stays running smooth, check out these portable generators for food trucks.

Generator Expert is dedicated to providing the most extensive, well-researched information about portable and whole-home generators available. Whether you need to power your food truck, run a welder on the job site, power your home after a hurricane or anything in between, generator expert has you covered.

Predator 3500

predator 3500 generator

The Predator 3500 is a wonderful option as a standard portable generator. Perfect for power during storms, this option is robust and flexible.

Pulsar Generator

pulsar generator

Pulsar’s generators are notorious for being high quality with a strong output. Read our full review of this great power asset for the full story.

Durostar DS4400

durostar ds4400 generator

The Durostar DS4400 is a powerhouse, ideal for food trucks, construction sites and more. Get all the details about this great generator.