GoPlus Generator 4000 Review – Portable Generators for 2021

goplus generatorRarely does one desire to be stuck somewhere where there’s no access to electricity. Finding yourself in this kind of situation rarely makes for a good time. For this reason, a responsible planner should always own a reliable generator. Some people who find themselves in the market for a generator end up overspending on a large expensive generator when all they really need is a smaller portable model.

GoPlus Generator is one of the leading manufacturers of generators on the current market. The GoPlus 4000-watt portable generator offers high-quality power and reliable stability. It meets all the criteria for a reliable portable generator that the average user would need but is half the price of the average generator. It’s one of the best-selling portable generator on the market.

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GoPlus Generator 4000 Key Features and Performance

The GoPlus 4000 generator is designed to be portable and powerful. This is a 4000-watt generator featuring a UP170 208cc engine, which has 7.0 HP 4-stroke OHV. It emits 4000 watts of surge power and 3500 watts of effective running power. In the event of a home power outage, this will allow you to power the equivalent of a television, a refrigerator, several lights, and more of your home devices.

It runs on gasoline and offers high performance, power, and efficiency with low fuel consumption. For its size and price range, the GoPlus Generator 4000 is one of the top portable generators out there in terms of power, fuel consumption, and duration of use. The fuel tank is rather large for a generator of this size. It can hold up to 15 liters, which measures up to just below 4 gallons. On a full tank, it can power devices in your home, office, or anywhere else you may need power for up to 9 hours.


Workloads, Decibels and Oil Levels

Of course, how long your fuel lasts directly depends on the generator’s workload. The more devices you attach to the GoPlus Generator 4000, the less time it will be able to power them. Thus, a light workload means that your generator wil be able to work for a longer period of time. The forced air cooling system prevents potentially hazardous overheating problems that may occur during these long run times. The starting system is an old-fashioned recoil system that many users of gasoline-fueled tools will be familiar with.

This generator operates at a relatively quiet noise level compared to other generators of its size. At only around 96 decibels, you’ll be able to power your devices while still managing to hear everything nearby. When the moment comes to use your generator, even if you’re inexperienced, you can rest easy knowing that simple-to-understand picture decals are located on the top of the machine displaying the directions of use and proper steps to take before using your generator.

The GoPlus Generator 4000 is shipped drained of oil, so you’ll need to fill it before you start it up for the first time. It takes a little over half a quart of 10w-30 oil and should be filled slowly and steadily. Be sure to check the oil levels often to ensure proper functionality and optimum performance for the lifetime of the generator.

GoPlus Generator 4000 Design

goplus generatorThe dimensions of the GoPlus generator 4000 are 24.3 x 17.5 x 18.4 inches and weighs just over 90 pounds, which means it will fit in vehicles of almost any size, even in the trunk of a small car. This allows you to take your generator out to wherever you may need power. The built-in handle is sturdy and allows for greater ease of movement. This helps to add to the GoPlus Generator 4000’s portability aspect.

Several parts of this generator are made from plastic, which does make it somewhat less durable than other generators that use more metal parts. This accounts, in part, for the cheaper price of the GoPlus Generator 4000 compared to similar portable generators on the market.

You can run several power tools at once off this generator, making it a great portable generator for those work sites where electricity isn’t readily available. Camping is another excellent use for this device. You can enjoy the wild outdoors with the benefit of power should it be required. And on those occasions when you’re not planning to take your generator anywhere, its usefulness in a home power outage can’t be overstated.

Use it to power your necessary devices until the power can be restored. When its job is done, the smaller stature of the GoPlus Generator 4000 means that you can place it away in a corner of the garage or toolshed, or in areas smaller than you could with a larger, bulkier generator.

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the GoPlus Generator 4000 from the GoPlus website, please click here.

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Pros of the GoPlus Generator 4000

  • Compact and portable
  • Runs up to 9 hours on a full fuel tank
  • Relatively quiet operation at around 96 decibels
  • Low fuel consumption with high efficiency
  • Picture decals with easy-to-understand operating instructions
  • Offers consistent stable and reliable power

Cons of the GoPlus Generator 4000

  • Plastic parts can break more easily than other more durable generators.
  • Uses a simple recoil starting system. No electric start.
  • Comes drained of oil. You’ll need to purchase some before starting up your generator.

Alternatives to the GoPlus Generator 4000

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

goplus generatorThe GoPlus 4000 is a portable generator designed for use in any space. Run tools, computers, speakers, appliances, and more from anywhere with its 3500-watt running power. If the power goes out, you’ll be able to run your essential home and work devices. Take advantage of the compact design, which allows you to carry this generator in almost any size of vehicle and to take it to almost any destination.

This means that wherever you need power, the GoPlus 4000 is there to get it to you. It’s one of the top-selling portable generators on the market, with all the power, utility, and reliability of the average generator at half the price.

So, if you’re looking for a portable generator that go for hours and can serve your power needs from any desired location that doesn’t break your back or your bank, the GoPlus 4000 portable generator is the right choice for you.

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