Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator Review For 2021

generac gp3500ioWho wouldn’t love to have a portable generator installed in their workplace or at their home? Are you facing a power shortage? No problem! A portable generator is there for your rescue. You can easily install it at your home and solve all your power shortage issues. Now no more waiting for electricity to return so you can continue watching your favourite show or sit in a cool air-conditioned room. 

With the amazing Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator, you can easily power up all your home essentials when there is no power source. If you are planning to take an RV trip to the northern plains and enjoy the view but also use all your electronics and gadgets, take the remarkable Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator with you. You can even power up your tailgate party and have a blast. There is no end to the diverse use of this generator. So, let’s review it more closely, and then we can decide if the Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator is ideal for you or not! 

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Features of the Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator 

generac gp3500ioThe Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator is loaded with new and advanced features that you have not witnessed in the traditional generators. This generator is more technologically advanced and attributes several unique characteristics that make its use and performance unmatched and unchallenged. Some of its major and more eminent features are:


Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator is highly portable, and maneuverability is convenient, and it allows the generator to be transported easily and moved around without any inconvenience. 

Overload Protection

The built-in circuit breaker offers protection to the appliances and gadgets connected by breaking the circuit in case there is an overload. This protects the devices from being harmed. The circuit breaker acts as a stabilizer and consequently saves the user tons of money. 

Data Center

This consists of the control panel that displays all relevant information regarding the run-time, life of the generator, fuel consumption, fuel level, power rating, and many current-time stats that are important for the Maintainance of the generator. 

Powerful Engine 

In this generator’s design, a gasoline-fueled 212 cc Generac OHV 4-stroke engine is installed which has high horsepower and ensures that the power generation is high. 


Unlike the traditional noisy generators, the amazing Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator is 50% more quitter. This means that you can enjoy a supply of power without having to ruin your good night’s sleep. 

Parallel Capable

Suppose you want to increase the power of the generator and its performance. In that case, you can attach and connect an additional unit with it, which is compatible as Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator is parallel capable. 

Additional Features

  • True power technology
  • USB outlets 
  • Parallel ready
  • RV ready
  • 2.37 Gallons tank size
  • 1 120V 20A 5-20R Duplex
  • One 120V 30A L5-30R Twist Lock

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator  from the Generac website, please click here.

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Pros, Cons, and Alternatives for the Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator 

generac gp3500ioChoosing the ideal generator is not as easy as it seems. A lot of effort goes into conducting a fair and thorough analysis of the pros and cons so that you can reach a conclusion and decide wisely, which generator is perfect for you. 

Like all other things, a generator cannot be perfect. So, before you step into the store to decide which generator you will purchase, you must be realistic and practical. Accept the fact that there will be certain flaws and downsides that you would have to overlook. So, let’s compare the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about choosing the right generator. 

Advantages of the Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator

  • Low Oil Shut-Off

This feature makes the generator fuel and cost-efficient, as the generator is turned off when the fuel left, is low. The generator automatically shuts off. 

  • Light Weight

This generator is 25% lighter than usual, which makes it easy to carry around. You wouldn’t have to worry about transporting it while causing inconvenience. 

  • High Run-Time

If the tank is full, then the Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator can operate for up to 11 hours. This is a higher run-time than average. 

  • Clean Sine Wave

With less than 3% Total Harmonic Disruption, this generator generates clean and secure power which keeps all electronics safe and unharmed. 

  • Advanced Power Rush

This technological feature allows the generator to do more with less. Because of this technology, there is a 50% more starting capacity. 

Potential Disadvantages of the Generac GP3500IO Portable Generato

No known disadvantages. 

Alternatives to the Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator 

Top Tips For Selecting A Portable Generator 

If you are looking to purchase a portable generator, the biggest mistake you could make is walking into the store unprepared. The salesman will easily sway you with fancy features and advanced options that may not even fit your use. So, to avoid being tricked into purchasing a generator that would be ill-suited to your needs, it is better to be prepared and now about all the tips necessary to know when it comes to selecting the right portable generator. Some of the essential tips are as follows:

Assess Its Portability

If you are considering buying a portable generator, make sure that its portability level suits you. You wouldn’t want to purchase a massive portable generator that could be moved around but is too heavy to be transported frequently or carried on own. 

See if its Efficient

All generators eat up a lot of fuel. But trust us, you would not want to spend hefty amounts of money on purchasing gallons of fuel and watch is run out in a short amount of time.

Review all your Purchasing Options

Many similar portable generators offer the same features and have similar characteristics. So, you can find the same generator characteristics at a reduced price. The model may be different, or the brand would be other. But you have to search and find. 

Calculate the Power Wattage

You cannot buy a generator without determining what power wattage do you want. You have to calculate the surge and rated wattage of all the appliances combines, that you plan on suing on the generator. And then make sure that the power wattage is compatible and greater than the sum of it. 

Evaluate your Use 

Don’t purchase an industrial generator if you are going to use it as an emergency back-up power source just to keep a room lit up. List down your uses and then see which size of the generator is perfect for you.

Our Final Verdict

generac gp3500ioYou cannot possibly find a better portable generator than Generac GP3500IO Portable Generator if you are looking to power up your RV for a long road trip. With its advanced technology and improved features, you can save a lot of fuel and costs.

Unlike many other generators, you will not find the peace of mind of a well-performing yet highly quiet generator. This is a significant plus point for you if you are looking to purchase a handy and lightweight generator that you could transport easily anywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Go and rush to the nearest store and get this amazing generator now! 

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