Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator Review For 2021

generac 6866 iq2000With all the hype created around Honda and Yamaha, people tend to forget that some brands offer the same level of features and services at considerably lower prices. You may not have heard of them, but if you view their rating and their reviews, you may be surprised by how well these certain brands deliver.

You cannot even blame the salesman who doesn’t give you complete information about the new and underrated brands. They are trying to earn some commission over the hefty sales of expensive and known brands’ generator. If you are here reading this review and doing a thorough study of which generator offers the best value for money, has the best features, and is best suited to your needs, you made a prudent decision.

In this post, we will familiarize you with the amazing Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator. We will explore its wide array of features and advantages, and in the end, you can decide for yourself how it is not that different from the generators manufactured by known and popular brands. We are optimistic that after studying the splendid performance and unmatched features of Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator, you may not need to look anywhere else.

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Features of the Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator

generac 6866 iq2000LED Display
This feature allows all the internal current-time stats to be displayed on this LED display. This way, you can monitor the fuel level, and you know when the generator needs refueling. This can help in the maintenance of the generator and its operations. 

The Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator is parallel ready, which means that if you want to increase the generator’s power wattage, you can connect an additional unit with it. This will help you increase the power wattage, and the generator will carry the load of more and high voltage appliances. 

Economy Mode
If you are connecting fewer demanding loads and low voltage appliances with the generator, this mode helps a lot in conserving the fuel and optimizing the generator’s operations. 

Generator Status
These are a set of lights that indicate you about the generator’s internal functions and levels or certain systems. It keeps you updated about the fuel level. These lights also alter the user whenever there is a possibility of overloading and overheating. This way, the user can rectify the issue before it aggravates. 

Power Efficient
As the Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator is an inverter generator, it avoids any waste of power as it produces AC power only by the demand of the load. 

Additional Features 

  • Rated amps: 13.3 amps @ 120 volts
  • AC maximum output starting Watts: 2000W
  • AC rated output running Watts: 1600W
  • Rated AC voltage: 120 VAC
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Displacement: 80 cc
  • Oil Type: SAE 10W-30
  • Weight : 46.2 lbs

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator  from the Generac website, please click here.

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Pros, Cons, and Alternatives for the Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator 

generac 6866 iq2000You must be impressed with its specifications and remarkable features alone. But don’t make up your mind right now. You must know about the cons and pros of this generator to make informed and educated decisions. Any brand can sway you away with compelling marketing and boasting of their top features, but the real question is: does the generator suit you. And you cannot answer this question solely based on the features you studied above. So, make sure that if its advantages surpass its few disadvantages, you must be realistic and practical. Accept the choice for no generator is flawless. 

Advantages of the Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator

  • User Friendly
    Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator is highly easy to operate and manage. 
  • Three Different Modes
    There are three modes: an economy that offers the quietest power generation experience but can only power up low voltage appliances. The second is a standard mode, which is perfect for general use but is slightly noisy. The last is turbo mode, which generates maximum power but is loud. The user can choose among the three methods based on his use. 
  • Light-Weight
    This generator weighs only 43 pounds, significantly less than the average weight of other generators with similar power wattage. This makes it easy to carry and transport the generator around.  
  • Good Run-Time
    Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator has a run-time of 7.7 hours at 25% load and 5.7 hours at 50% load. Though many users have shared that at a 25% load, they were able to keep the generator running for about 10 hours uninterrupted. 
  • Quieter
    This generator creates around 53 decibels of noise when it is operating at a 25% load. This means that it is not as noisy as other generators. This feature saves you a lot of disturbance.  

Potential Disadvantages of the Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator

  • No USB Port or DC outlet
    These features are given in most generators. You may own new and latest devices that are highly technologically advanced. You would require a USB port or DC outlet to charge or connect them. The lack of both in this generator makes it a little undesirable. 
  • User Complaints about issues on high altitude
    Many users have complained that taking the Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator to the high lands is not the smartest decision. Its performance gets weaker, and it becomes difficult for the user to operate it. 

Alternatives to the Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator

Top Tips For Selecting A Portable Generator

Many users do not engage in a thorough review of the generators beforehand and leave this decision to the salesman’s recommendation. But do you honestly believe that a man working on commission will not sell you the popular and over-priced generator that may or may not be compatible with your use? Can you afford to take the risk? No! So, before you decide which generator you will purchase, read the following tips carefully:

Check its Price
The most crucial factor to consider is the price of the generator. No matter how fancy and advanced the features are, if the generator doesn’t suit your budget, you won’t be able to purchase it. So, before proceeding with anything further, define your price range. 

Number of Outlets
Check how many outlets and outlets you require to connect your appliances to the generator. If you don’t do it before purchase, you may be in big trouble ahead. 

Check the Noise Level
A loud generator is the most undesirable of all. You wouldn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night because of the generator’s obnoxious noise at the back. So, choose a generator that doesn’t create much noise. 

Our Final Verdict

generac 6866 iq2000So, there it is! Everything you should know about the Generac 6866 iq2000 Portable Generator if you are interested in purchasing it. If you are still deciding and want someone’s candid opinion, then we can recommend it as one of the best smaller and lighter generators which are very reasonably priced. It is quite unlikely that you would find nearly as good a generator as this one in the given price range. This may be your first experience with Generac, but we can assure you that it will be a good one.

If you are not using it at the maximum power, it will last you for a good number of hours. It may not generate the most power, but it is highly portable, and it offers clean power. With its simple dials and amazing control panel, you can easily monitor the operations of the generator. Now that you know it, thinks if it is suited to your use and needs. Good Luck!

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