Firman H08051 Generator Review For 2021 And Beyond

firman h08051How many times have you thought to yourself that only if you had a magic wand and could find an energy source that would grant unlimited power? That way, you wouldn’t have to face the problems inflicted by power shortage. In this technologically advanced and electricity-driven world, you cannot even afford to lose power or you will be disconnected from the whole world. You cannot imagine living like our forefathers, without electricity and a continuous supply of power. Even portable generators do not have enough wattage to power all your heavy-duty appliances. 

But now, we have located a generator that will solve all your power related troubles. Here we will introduce to you the amazing Firman H08051 Generator. This has an exceptional wattage of 8000 watts. This is higher than the wattage of any ordinary portable generator that you would have read about earlier. The amazing Firman H08051 Generator is loaded with splendid, unique features that make it high in demand. So, let’s review closely why everyone is mad about it! 

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Features of the Firman H08051 Generator 

firman h08051There are countless unique and distinct features of Firman H08051 Generator that make it high in demand. These features are unmatched and contribute to the well-performance of the generator. Let’s review the most notable features of this generator:

Overload Protection

The installed circuit breaker offers protection from overload damage caused when a lot of appliances are connected to the generator. This way, the appliances will remain safe and unharmed. 

Control Panel and Built-in Fuel Gauge

The control panel display shows the internal functional and current time stats of the generator, which are necessary to keep track of maintenance purposes. It displays fuel gauge, fuel consumption, run-time, battery life, and other operational settings. 

High Power Engine

The exceptional 439cc engine, the generator functions at high horsepower, can generate increased power quickly. 

3 Year Warranty 

This ensures that any technical impairments or issues are resolved to ensure that the customer has a great experience with this amazing generator. 

Additional Features

  • Dimensions: 29.9″ L x 27.5″ W x 26.1″ H
  • 30A & 50A power
  • 8 gallons tank size
  • Dual fuel versatility
  • 5.5Ft LP (propane) hose
  • Ergonomically designed padded handle
  • Frequency (Hz): 60
  • Durable Compact Tubular Roll Cage Frame Design
  • 2 5-20R 20A-120V GFCI
  • 1 14-50R 50A-120/240V
  • L14-30R 30A-120V/240V Twistlock
  • L5-30R 30A 120V Twistlock
  • 439cc dual-fuel engine 
  • Weight – 235 Lbs
  • 9050 Starting Watts / 7250 Running Watts

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Firman H08051 Generator from the Firman website, please click here.

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Pros, Cons, and Alternatives for the Firman H08051 Generator

firman h08051Weighing the pros and cons of a heavy-duty item like a portable generator is highly important. This is the kind of investment that you will either be proud of for a long period of rue for even longer. You cannot spend your money blindly without figuring out if the generator you choose has to offer more benefits than disadvantages. 

This analysis will prove if the generator outshines its competitors or not. But it would help if you were realistic. You will hardly find a generator with no downsides or flaws. A perfect generator does not exist. So, be accepting of the negatives but let the positives convince you. Review the following pros and cons to determine if Firman H08051 Generator is perfect for you. 

Advantages of the Firman H08051 Generator

  • Durable

The sturdy and robust build of the generator makes it durable and immune to any major damages. Its frame is designed in a way to avoid weather damage too. 

  • User-Friendly Handles

The nature of handles attached to the generator makes it very easy to carry it and maneuver it around. 

  • Electrical Start
    The electrical starts save you from the trouble of manually operating the generator.
  • High-Run Time

On 8 gallons of fuel in the tank, the Firman H08051 Generator can run for at least 12 hours. 

  • Easy Fuel Transfer
    With its LP hose, it becomes very easy to transfer fuel into the tank of the generator. 

Potential Disadvantages of the Firman H08051 Generator

  • Heavy
    The weight of the Firman H08051 Generator is around 221 pounds, which is higher than the average value of portable generators. 
  • Poor Customer Service
    Many customers have complained about the poor customer service and their unresponsive nature towards resolving the generator’s technical issues. 

Alternatives to the Firman H08051 Generator 


Top Tips For Selecting A Portable Generator 

If you have decided which generator you want to purchase based on reading a brochure or just browsing through the generator’s brand’s official website, then trust us, you have conducted inadequate research. You possibly are not equipped with sufficient data and knowledge to make an informed decision. And if you want a reliable power source, you would have to research it thoroughly. So, to make this exhausting process more comfortable for you, we have presented these guidelines. Read the following tips that will help you determine which generator you must choose: 

Assess the power wattage

First, make a list of all the electronics and items you intend to connect with the generator. Check the surge power rating and rated power wattage of all these appliances. Add their watts and calculate the sum. Just to be on the safe side, add 100 or more watts to account for any fluctuations. You have to make sure that the generator you purchase is greater in power rating than the sum of power you calculated. 

Is it the right size for you?

You must be very careful when you are judging the size of the generator. One wrong calculation or assessment could cost you a lot. Make sure that the generator fits the size where you are going to store it. Too small means that its battery and work performance will below. Too large, and you will have no idea of where to keep it. 

This also means that you would have to judge which generator’s power size will suit your needs best. 

Count the number of outlets and their type

Choose the type of outlet you need to connect all your appliances into. Count the number too so that the number of appliances doesn’t outnumber the generator’s total count of outlets. This way, you won’t be able to connect your devices to the generator. 

The Run-Time is the Key Factor

When it comes to generators, it’s all about the run-times. The higher the run time, the better and longer the generator will operate. And this is the kind of feature that you would want high in your generator. 

Our Final Verdict

firman h08051You are probably on your way out to purchase the amazing Firman H08051 Generator. We are sure that this review alone would have convinced you that you may not find a better generator for your use. With its high power wattage, you can run almost any appliance on it and live your life just as luxuriously. You wouldn’t even notice that there is a power shortage. And that is what generators are for. Offer clean and secure power as a back-up emergency. 

Take it with you on trips or camping and run all your essential home electronics on it without any worry. With Firman H08051 Generator, you will be at peace of mind that all your appliances are safe and secure and run smoothly without interruption. So, go and get your hands on this amazing generator and solve all your power shortage problems away. 

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