Firman H03652 Generator Review For 2021 And Beyond

firman h03652If you love hosting lavish tailgate and barbeque parties for your loved ones, then you must be in dire search of a reliable and efficient generator. Throwing such parties can be quite challenging because you need a dependable power source at the back end so that everyone can enjoy the party. It would help if you had lights, music, keep the grill working, and other electronic essentials. If you can relate to all this and search for a generator, then we have the perfect option for you: the Firman H03652 Generator.

Its use is so versatile that if you are an RV owner and love to drive it around the country and explore new places, then you can take this portable and well-functioning generator to keep all your essentials working. This way, you wouldn’t have to give up on all the luxuries of using devices away from home. 

This generator will also be your trusted power source to keep you home functional in a blackout case. And if you are a professional who needs power at times of shortage to conduct significant tasks and deliver results, then the Firman H03652 Generator should be on your list. Let’s look closely at why this generator is so amazing. 

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Features of the Firman H03652 Generator

firman h03652Dual-Fuel Technology
This feature delivers power and versatility in the use of the generator. This feature refers to how the Firman H03652 Generator can run on both gasoline and propane. This grants the user the flexibility to choose the fuel and run the generator on it. 

Overload Protection
Firman H03652 Generator offers overload protection so that no appliances are damaged in case of overloading. This is a circuit breaker that disconnects the connection between generator and appliances to protect the sensitive electronics. 

Low Oil Shut-Off
This feature shuts off the flow of fuel when the generator is about to shut down. This way, the remaining fuel in the carburetor is used, and no fuel is wasted. 

3 in 1 Data Minder
This feature displays the hours, volts, and hertz of the generator. This way, you can gain information regarding the operation of the generator. 

Additional Features 

  • 4550 Starting Watts / 3650 Running Watts – Gas
  • 4100 Starting Watts / 3300 Running Watts – LPG
  • 5 Gallon Tank with integrated fuel gauge
  • 5gal gas tank provides up to 14hrs of run-time (Propane tank not included)
  • Run time using a full 20lb propane cylinder 11 hours at 50% load
  • Outlets:
  • (2) 5-20R 20A-120V
  • TT-30R 30A-120V RV Ready
  • L5-30R 30A-120V TWIST LOCK
  • 8″ Heavy Duty Wheel and Folding Handle
  • 208cc Dual Fuel engine with low oil shut off and cast-iron sleeve
  • Includes engine oil, funnel, and assembly tool kit and 5.5 ft LPG regulator hose
  • Weight – 128 Lbs
  • Carton Measurements – 27.6″ x 18.1″ x 20.5″
  • 3 Year Warranty

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Firman H03652 Generator from the Firman website, please click here.

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Pros, Cons, and Alternatives for the Firman H03652 Generator

firman h03652We always recommend that one never make a hasty decision, especially when choosing a power source that will be your only ray of hope in a blackout. Though you may not experience power outage quite often, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared. Make sure that you choose wisely which generator you are going to trust with all your appliances. So, let’s review the following pros and cons analysis so that you can better assess for yourself if this Firman H03652 Generator is best suited to your use or not. 

Advantages of the Firman H03652 Generator

  • Durable
    The material by which this generator is manufactured is of high-quality. The Firman H03652 Generator can withstand rough conditions and severe weather. This means that this generator has a long life span, and it wouldn’t be seriously damaged if you travel with it. 
  • Portable
    This generator has an open frame design, which makes it highly portable and easy to transport. This is a conventional design, but it makes it easier for the user to carry the generator and install it wherever he likes. 
  • Built-in Fuel Guage
    This a convenient method of keeping track of the fuel level in the generator. This way, it becomes easy to draft a refueling schedule and keep track of fuel consumed. 
  • High Run-Time
    The fuel tank of this generator has a capacity of 5 gallons. If you operate the generator on gasoline and add a 50% load, the Firman H03652 Generator will function for 14 hours straight. This is a supremely high run-time at such a high load in comparison to other generators. It will function for 8 hours if you operate it on propane. 

Potential Disadvantages of the Firman H03652 Generator

  • Put Start Mechanism
    As more brands incorporate the latest technology and advanced features, a pull start mechanism of operating is generator is probably something you may not be expecting. It causes a slight inconvenience for the user. 
  • Noisy
    Though Firman H03652 Generator creates around 67 decibels of noise, it is significantly higher than the noise created by most of the generators. This noise will fade away in the background more often or so at night-time or the at high functioning load; you may get irritated by this sound. 
  • High THD
    With its THD rated less than 25%, it is not advised that you connect power sensitive electronics to this generator as they may be harmed or damaged. 

Alternatives to the Firman H03652 Generator

Top Tips For Selecting A Portable Generator 

Deciding which generator to purchase cannot solely be based on the features and characteristics of the generator. You have to take into account many other factors too. Before you make up your mind, make sure you thoroughly study the following factors that will help you determine which generator suits you best:

It must be portable so that you can transport it and carry it around. Generators that are not portable can cause inconvenience. 

Its Size
You would not want a huge monstrous generator sitting up in your backyard occupying all that beautiful space, right? So, choose a generator that is compact and is easily manageable. 

Power Outage Frequency
Observe how often do you experience a blackout. If it is quite often, you need a well-performing generator with a high run-time and is fuel-efficient. 

Power Wattage
Check the generator’s power wattage and make sure it is considerably higher than the sum of wattage of all appliances you will connect. 

Choose a generator that creates less noise and causes no disturbance.

Our Final Verdict

firman h03652Firman has delivered a wide range of good quality equipment throughout its history. Expecting a well-functioning generator is a fair expectation for the consumer. Now here you have it all! We have shared all information that we deemed was necessary for you to know so that you can make an informed decision. Now that you are aware of the features, downsides, and other aspects of the Firman H03652 Generator, you can easily make an educated decision about whether it is best suited for your use or not.

Believe us when we say that there is no one good generator. But this Firman H03652 Generator comes pretty close to offering a good value for money. It is affordable, and it provides a wide range of features. If you travel in an RV quite often, then possibly there is no better generator for you. Assess your need and use and then see if this generator is compatible with it. Good Luck! 

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