Energizer EZV2000P – Portable Generator Review for 2021

energizer ezv2000pIn today’s competitive market, it is very challenging to find a product that marks a tick on every pointer in your checklist. Especially if you are looking for a portable generator, you must want to convenient a feasible generator with minimum fuss. Who doesn’t want to enjoy its camping trip or vacation elegantly? Or perhaps you want a lightweight generator that you can easily install in your home to power your appliances if there is a power outbreak?

But with all these features and fancy characteristics, you would want the generator to be in your price range. It is difficult to find a generator that is cheap, light, portable, and highly efficient. Instantly you would have thought of Yamaha or Honda when we mentioned these features.

But today, we will review the amazing Energizer EZV2000P generator, which is an all-in-one generator and a cheap fix to all your power problems. With the incorporated advanced inverter technology, you can keep your electronics protected, and with the eco mode, you can save fuel and increase the life of your generator. Let’s review why the Energizer EZV2000P generator is perfect for you!

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Features of the Energizer EZV2000P Portable Generator

  • energizer ezv2000pLightweight and Portable: Energizer EZV2000P generator weighs only 44 lbs, which means you can travel anywhere with it and easily install it wherever you like. It is actually one of the lightest generators available on the market. It is compact and highly portable.
  • Build Quality: The batteries of Energizers have a long life, and they keep going. This generator is robust and sturdy. Its construction is solid, and it can tackle any rough weather or harsh conditions. This generator will be your constant in all environments and will outlast all other generators.
  • Eco-Mode: This feature allows you to save fuel and gas and avoid any wastage. When you switch on the eco-mode, the engine will adjust its working to meet the on-demand load. This also improves the battery life f the generator.
  • Warranty: With the 3-year effective warranty offered, you can get any technical issue resolved and get your generator fixed whenever. The warranty also covers any support or aid you would require while setting up the generator.
  • Power Output: This generator offers a lot of power and can keep your appliances running for a long time on safe energy. You can connect several electronics, and all outlets will provide stable power.

Additional Features of the Energizer EZV2000P Portable Generator

  • Wattage: 2000W Peak 1600W Continuous
  • Amps: 13.3A @ 120V
  • Recoil Start Method
  • EcoMode AVR Power Delivery
  • Parallel Capability
  • 9 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • 79cc 2.7 HP Motor
  • Panel Outlets: 2x 120V 20A 5-20R socket, 1x 12V 5A DC socket, 1x eZV Parallel Port
  • Runtime 15.5 Hrs at 25% load and 4.2 Hrs at 100% load
  • Noise Level: 50dBA at 25% Load and 59dBa at 100% Load
  • Dimensions:1 Length x 11 Width x 17.7 Height in
  • Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Energizer EZV2000P Portable Generator from the X website, please click here.

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Pros, Cons, and Alternatives To The Energizer EZV2000P Portable Generator

energizer ezv2000pWe would be remiss if we did not mention some of the advantages and potential disadvantages to the Energizer EZV2000P Portable Generator. No portable generator is perfect, and our weight as a source of unbiased portable generator product reviews would be in jeopardy if we did not recognize this fact. 

As such, below are some pros and cons of the Energizer EZV2000P Portable Generator. We also have included a few relevant alternatives if this product does not check all the boxes to meet your needs.

Advantages of the Energizer EZV2000P Portable Generator

  • Safe and Secure Power: Energizer EZV2000P generator generates safe and secure energy that keeps all your sensitive gadgets like tablets, phones, and laptops safe.
  • Super Quiet: This generator is very quiet and creates very low noise even when it is working at full capacity. This means you and your neighbors get to enjoy a good night’s sleep. This is also quieter than most of your generator, and the noise it creates is way below the average noise created.
  • Long Run-Time: If you are utilizing this generator at a 10% workload, it will run continuously for 4.2 hours, providing 1600 Watts of power. And at 25% of load, it will be functional for 11.5 hours consecutive.
  • Parallel Power: Suppose you are not satisfied with the power generator, you can add additional units that are compatible with the generator. You can expand the power outlet by connecting it to any parallel capable Energizer eZV model.
  • Dual Wave Technology: This means that the generator controls both the voltage and current for a sine wave output regardless of the load you put on it.

Potential Disadvantages of the Energizer EZV2000P Portable Generator

  • Doesn’t Operate well on high altitudes: You may take this generator with you on recreational retreats, but you may be disappointed when you will realize it isn’t as efficient and effective on high altitudes. But the company suggests that this can be rectified by changing the main-nozzle or adjusting the idling-screw of the carburetor.
  • Potential Problems: This may seem like an open-ended disadvantage, but some users have complained that they had trouble starting the generator. In these cases, the customer services of Energizer are remarkably helpful and supportive. The manual that comes along with the generator also includes lucid instructions that help in resolving any potential issue that may arise.

Alternatives to the Energizer EZV2000P Portable Generator

Tips For Selecting The Perfect Generator

There are several elements that you must take into consideration when you are searching for the ideal generator:

  1. You must analyze the market and condense the features you are looking for
  2. Choose the wattage of your appliances and the generator that will cater to it
  3. Choose a highly-functioning generator that performs well
  4. Fits your budget
  5. It must have a long run-time
  6. Check the number of outlets the generator provides and the number you want

The compact and portable generators are available in a huge variety; in terms of power options, weight, features, and dimensions. You need to reckon up the running wattage of all the appliances you plan on connecting, check their model number, then choose the size of the generator that powers 90% of your needs.

It would help if you considered the fuel-cost, accessibility to gas and fuel in your area, and the precise size of the generator’s fuel tank. Often refills would indicate a waste of time, fuel, and money.

Check the decibel rating of generators as they can be extremely noisy. If you intend to stay alone or even in a densely populated neighborhood, you need to look for an item with a less decibel rating.

Our Verdict

energizer ezv2000pWhen searching for the right generator, you will come across many other potential generators that have a good reputation and are quite popular in this market. And among these distinguished names, Energizer EZV2000P generator holds its name relatively high. It outshines its rivals when it comes to more significant features. It is lighter, quieter, and cheaper than most of the generators on the market and has an excellent performance like that of any well-known generator.

So, if you are looking to purchase a reliable generator, doesn’t make much noise, and is in your budget, then we believe the Energizer EZV2000P generator is the ideal choice for you. It’s easy to carry the feature, and a sturdy handle allows you to carry it anywhere and travel without any fear. So, keep your electronics safe by powering them with a clean current.  So, go get our favorite Energizer EZV2000P generator now!

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