DuroStar DS10000E – Portable Generator Review for 2021

durostar ds10000eIn the market full of products and varieties, people often get confused about which product to buy, be it a product of daily use like toothpaste or something that we seldom shop like a car. Generators are no different. There are thousands of generators manufactured by hundreds of companies around the globe. One of such generators is the DuroStar DS10000E.

The DuroStar DS10000E is manufactured for meeting the power need of people mostly belonging from the middle-class. It produces adequate power to meet the need. The DuroStar DS10000E is a perfect source of power for homes during power outages. It also works well at small construction sites with no electricity. Affordability and durability are what the DuroStar DS10000E generator is best known for.

Just like the other DuroStar generators, its DS10000E model is also designed for providing a safe power source during different power outages to the users. It will serve the users with the most efficient source for power backup. And not just a backup, it will also be the best alternate plant for both recreational and professional use.

The DuroStar DS10000E is also a useful power tool on a farm or workshop that requires machinery. The DuroStar DS10000E generator is the most affordable portable generator you can get for getting 8000 watts of output continuously.

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Features of the DuroStar DS10000E Portable Generator

  • durostar ds10000eEmission Principles: The DuroStar DS10000E generator is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB). It also follows the strict guidelines provided by the government to ensure the DuroStar DS10000E generator is eco-friendly.
  • Low Oil Shutdown System: The DuroStar DS10000E has an automatic shutoff system. It protects the engine by automatically shutting the generator off when the oil gets lower than the minimum level.
  • MX2 Technology: Through the DuroStar DS10000E’s 120 volt receptacles, you can get the maximum power. You also have the option of choosing between operating the generator simultaneously at 120V and 240V. You can operate the generator at 120V with absolute power only. The DuroStar DS10000E is an ideal generator for RVs.
  • Idle-Control: This system saves fuel and reduces noise levels when the generator is not in use by lowering the RPMs of the generator. It is ideal for on-site jobs where the power has sporadic use.
  • Dual Technology for Fuel: The DuroStar DS10000E gives its users more flexibility in the choice of fuel. It can be run on both gasoline and propane-based on which fuel type is available.
  • Powerful Engine: The DuroStar DS10000E has a 440cc OHV engine. It has a workhorse engine that can provide sufficient power for handling various jobs from high voltage to low; it can provide power for all kinds of appliances.

Additional Features of the DuroStar DS10000E Portable Generator

  • Starting power of 10000-watts
  • Running power of 8000-watts
  • Power outlets include: Two 120V household GFCI outlets, one 120V 30A twist-lock outlet, one 240V 30A outlet, and one 240V 50A outlet
  • Voltmeter
  • A 12V DC charging spot which can be used to charge external batteries
  • 72 DB noise level
  • 3-gallon fuel capacity
  • 18 HP 440cc OHV engine
  • The generator box comes with a DuroStar DS10000E generator, oil funnel, toolset, sparkplug wrench, DC charging cables, handle and wheel kit, and a manual for the owner.
  • 4 hours of run time
  • Recoil/Electric start
  • Dimension: 40″ L x 29″ W x 27.5″ H

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the DuroStar DS10000E Portable Generator from the DuroStar website, please click here.

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Pros, Cons, and Alternatives To The DuroStar DS10000E Portable Generator

durostar ds10000eWe would be remiss if we did not mention some of the advantages and potential disadvantages to the DuroStar DS10000E Portable Generator. No portable generator is perfect, and our weight as a source of unbiased portable generator product reviews would be in jeopardy if we did not recognize this fact. 

As such, below are some pros and cons of the DuroStar DS10000E Portable Generator. We also have included a few relevant alternatives if this product does not check all the boxes to meet your needs.

Advantages of the DuroStar DS10000E Portable Generator

  • The Dual Start: One of the best things about the DuroStar DS10000E is that it has both the electric and recoil start. The duel start system allows users to start the generator smoothly in any circumstances.
  • Provides More Run Time: The DuroStar DS10000E runs for up to 10.4 hours without requiring a refill at a load capacity of 50%. In the case of power outages, this allows households to have power for as long as 10 hours.
  • Automatic Shutdown: The DuroStar DS10000E protects the generator’s lifespan through its automatic shutoff system. The engine automatically shuts off when the oil becomes low. This guards the engine against potential damages caused by low oil levels.
  • Dual Fuel System: The DuroStar DS10000E can be run by both propane and gasoline. This allows users to put the oil of their choice in order to run the generator.
  • Free Wheel Kit; The DuroStar DS10000E comes with a freewheel kit. This kit makes the generator portable and easy to move around.

Potential Disadvantages of the DuroStar DS10000E Portable Generator

  • High Weight and Difficult Transportation: The DuroStar DS10000E generator is very heavy and cumbersome. Although it comes with a wheel kit, yet it does not help in making it portable. Hence, it is not a very easy portable generator. The users feel extreme difficulty in moving it around.
  • Noisy and Disturbing: Another issue about the DuroStar DS10000E that concerned the users was the noise produced by the generator. Even though it has as low as 72 decibels of noise level, the users are still annoyed by it, especially during the night when it is quiet, and people are sleeping.

Alternatives to the DuroStar DS10000E Portable Generator

Tips For Selecting The Perfect Generator

With so many varieties in the market, buyers often get confused about which product to purchase. To make the decision making more comfortable, here are some tips which will help you in selecting the most suitable portable generator:

  • Check Generator’s Weight: This is important because a portable generator must not be hefty to carry. It should have a lightweight so that users should not get exerted while moving it around.
  • Running Time: People mostly buy a portable generator for outdoor activities like camping and hiking etc. Before buying the generator, make sure its run time matches your need. Obviously, it should not leave you without power in the middle of the night somewhere outside the city during camping with your friends.
  • Wattage: Before making your final decision, make sure to check the generator’s wattage supply. For construction sites where more power is required for works to be done and for running heavy machinery, generators with more wattage supply should be considered. While for picnics etc., where you need a generator for your small gadgets, generators with lesser wattage will work easily. Make sure you choose accordingly.
  • Generator’s Size: The generator’s size must also be kept under consideration while buying a portable generator. Generators having smaller sizes are easy to carry.

Our Verdict

durostar ds10000eThe buyers must always make their final decision to buy a product after getting thorough and complete information about it. Unlike other inexpensive products like soap and toothbrushes etc., expensive products like generators require time for decision making. And no company can ever force buyers to buy their product; instead, companies can attract customers through the quality and features of their product.

And the DuroStar DS10000E is a product with excellent features and quality. With DuroStar DS10000E, we do not just claim, we provide. You will not regret a single penny spent on a product like the DuroStar DS10000E. If you want a durable product, runs longer, and have excellent features, then the DuroStar DS10000E is the product you are searching for. Could you buy it before it gets out of stock?

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