DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-Fuel Generator Review

DuroMax is offering up the DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-Fuel Generator as a behemoth of a power plant to supply you with all your portable generator needs. Heavy duty and strong enough to power a multitude of appliances, this unit can give you all the power you require to keep even the larger electrical draws up and running.

Features of the DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-Fuel Generator

If your looking for a large generator capable of putting out enough power to run heavy duty household appliances such as the clothes dryer of water heater, this 12000W start/surge unit will perform beyond your expectations. Running 9500W on gasoline and over 8500W on LP, you will be able to power more devices that ever before. All while remaining safe and acceptable to use in places that require the CARB compliance certification in most modern generators.

Able to generate and simultaneously use 120VAC and 240VAC, you no longer have to pick and choose between keeping the 120VAC refrigerator running or using the 240VAC air conditioner. This model runs them both at the same time.

The GFCI protected outlet will keep you and your appliances safe from unexpected faults in the line or dangerous changes in the weather. Tripping the breaker before damaging you or your devices is the job of the GFCI. The 30A twist-lock output, 50A RV ready outlet are protected by breakers of their own as well.

Easily read operational interface panel shows the current voltage on the analog voltmeter, and clear and bright LEDs let you know of warning situations like low battery or if the engine is running low on oil.


Pros and Cons of the DuroMax Inverter

The larger these generators get, the more they can do and the more we expect them to do. Consider the following brief list of this unit’s ups and downs and weigh them against your portable power necessities. This model will impress you with its options.

Pros of the DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-Fuel Generator

  • If securing your power while away from camp is a concern, the keyed start switch on this model will allow you to make certain you decide when the power is on, or off.
  • Among the indicators on the face of the generator operating station is the “recharge” LED giving you a clear notice of when it’s time to top off that electric start battery. This will keep the battery from being neglected and ensure plenty of easy clean starts.
  • Power outputs on the generator allow you to use 240VAC for the larger appliances and 120VAC for the smaller household items at the same time.

Cons of the DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-Fuel Generator

  • Foam wheels are a convenient alternative to finding flat pneumatic tires, but if they sit for a long time in storage, they can square off making relocation frustrating.
  • No cables or hoses are included with this model generator. The connectors for the LP tank is standardized but the lack of the hose makes this inoperable out of the box.

Our Verdict

It’s easy to say this is a good generator when it’s easily the largest unit in this list. 9500W running and 12000W start/surge output capacity overpowers the competitors and puts this in a class of its own. The list of cons are merely inconveniences and as long as you take them into consideration when purchasing this unit you won’t be disappointed.


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