DeWalt DXGNR7000 7000-Watt Portable Generator Review

dewalt dxgnr7000Portable generators are widely used as an electric power source for commercially and domestically held events and applications. Either it is a power outage natively, need to power live commercial events, or need to electricity machinery on construction sites portable generators are always required.

Although there are plenty of portable generators around the market but one of the best generators is Dewalt DXGNR7000 which is equally beneficial for Home appliances as well as heavy machinery used for commercial and industrial purposes. The Dewalt DXGNR7000 is an open frame portable gasoline generator designed to deliver a ratted wattage of 7000 W and a starting wattage of 8750 W.

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Features of DeWalt DXGNR7000 7000-Watt Portable Generator

dewalt dxgnr7000Starting the DeWalt DXGNR7000 generator is quite easy with battery operated motor which can be recharged easily and in case of battery failure, it can be started using a pull cord which also comes with the unit. It is one of the heavy generators with almost 192 lb. but with never flat tires and a handle in front makes it move easily. Its smart runtime meter shows power usage and remaining power time.

It also automatically shuts down if fuel levels are below a certain level. Being a heavyweight and high wattage generator it may sound too loud but it conserves fuel in an idle state and diminishes noise. The DeWalt DXGNR7000 portable Generator is easy to maintain with easy to access air filters. The perfect design of the DeWalt DXGNR7000 portable Generator is the wattage gauge which displays you accurately load which you are putting on the unit to avoid overburdening thus damaging the generator.

Additional Features

Apart from the features described above DeWalt DXGNR7000 portable generators also have some below mentioned additional features 

  • 7000W of running wattage and peak wattage of 8750W
  • Four 120 volt power outlets with individual breakers
  • Covered outlets for maximum safety
  • 11 hours of power time at ½ load
  • Lock up handle for substantial portability
  • Hour meter for maintenance tracking 
  • 1 1/4″ Steel Tube Cradle for resilience
  • Lifting Eye Kit for trouble-free movements around the location
  • Exceptional DeWalt 420cc engine
  • 7.5 gallons of fuel tank capacity for longer run time
  • Safely powers high-intensity equipment
  • Smart runtime meter for power feedback

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the  DeWalt DXGNR7000 portable generators from the DeWalt website, please click here.

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Pros and Cons of DeWalt DXGNR7000 portable generators

dewalt dxgnr7000

DeWalt DXGNR7000 7000-Watt Portable Generator is one of the finest generators which are available in the market. It is equally beneficial for domestic as well as a commercial power source in the need of the hour and especially on construction sites for electrifying heavy tools and pieces of machinery. 

  • Weighs around 190 lb. which is quite a heavyweight

DeWalt DXGNR7000 7000-Watt Portable Generator’s high efficiency, performance, and durable wheels for carrying its heavyweight to move it around with ease are the key points for making it the best choice to go for. Like any other generator it also has some drawbacks too along with plenty of benefits; Lets us share some pros and cons of the DeWalt DXGNR7000 7000-Watt Portable Generator.


  • Electric switch start for easy start
  • High performance under load for heavy power eating machinery at the same time as drills, refrigerators, etc.
  • Use Gasoline as fuel which makes it the best choice for commercial uses
  • Fast voltage recovery for any newly added device in running mode
  • The capability of powering a complete house with its 7000 watts for an ample period
  • Hassle-free setup
  • Large fuel tank capacity for providing continuous power
  • Stress-free to move around with its long-lasting wheels and front handle despite its heavyweight
  • It is CARB compliant which makes it environment friendly            
  • 3 years warranty
  • Idle mode to save energy and reduce noise
  • The luminous yellow color which makes it easy to locate on busy sites
  • Low oil shutdown system
  • Low fuel shut off system to avoid any damage to the generator
  • Stress-free air filter and oil changing capability with easy access to these which makes its maintenance relatively uncomplicated


  • Quite loud noise which might make you use ear protectors for being around the generator continuously
  • Fluctuations in current as of its not an inverter generator
  • Not suitable for charging sensitive devices such as laptop, smartphone, etc. which requires a steady voltage
  • Lack of basic fuel gauge and requires you to get the generator running to get a fuel reading

Alternatives to the DeWalt DXGNR7000 7000-Watt Portable Generator

Tips for selecting a portable generator

The feasibility of moving around a generator is the key factor for selecting a portable generator but this should not be the only point. One needs to consider some other facts and features while selecting a generator but it depends upon the purpose you are choosing the generator as commercial and domestic use have different requirements.

Portable generators come in a variety of sizes which range from 2 kW to 10 plus kW and deciding a size depends upon the power requirement and machinery you need to electrify with generators. Fuel types and tank sizes also play an important part in deciding which portable generator to choose from. A portable generator with larger tanks is the best option as more frequent refills can badly affect on the performance.

Additionally, fuel type to be used in portable generator also needs to be looked into in terms of cost and all-time availability for keeping your generator running all the time without being worried about expensive fuel or any fuel which is not commonly available. Apart from these, quality and notable features like vault guard, electric start, automatic shutoff for low fuel and oil, environment-friendly, etc. also are the significant factors to pick out a portable generator.

Final Verdict

dewalt dxgnr7000DeWalt DXGNR7000 7000-Watt Portable Generator is a solid all-around performer that you would be able to rely on in any time of need. Its portability, powerful build quality, high performance along with its 7000 wats power running through four power outlets, it can run four heavy machines simultaneously that makes it the best choice for onsite jobs.

It can be safely said that the DeWalt DXGNR7000 7000-Watt Portable generator has all the features that a portable generator should have which makes it useful and beneficial for all types of purposes either it’s a power cut at home or a construction site.


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