Champion 7500 Watt Generator Review

If you are looking for a strong dual fuel generator with enough output to run your appliances or RV, the Champion 7500 Watt Generator is a solid contender for your shopping list. Solid brand reputation and reported as a great performer, this generator has the strength and reliability to keep the power on when you need it.

Features of the Champion 7500 Watt Generator

Measuring outputs at 7500W on gasoline and 6750W on LP, the Champion 100165 has enough power to keep the refrigerator running during a power outage, keep the RV cool in summer or run the space heater in the winter. Large enough to support your power consumption needs, small enough to remain portable.

Solid never-flat tires on the rugged chassis will keep this unit mobile even after a long time in storage. No more having to add air to seasonally flat or dry rotted pneumatic tires, or rolling along squared off foam tires, this generator goes where you want, when you want.

Convenient electric start kicks over the well maintained engine every time keeping you from yanking over and over on the starter rope when you just need to get the power started up. One easy push of the starter and the power is on.

Digital gauge on the faceplate reports voltage output and engine run hours. Proper maintenance goes a long way on small engines and this display will make it easy for you to keep up with your schedule by knowing how long your engine has gone since your last maintenance.


Pros and Cons of the Champion 100165

Larger generators offer more power and come with more options than the smaller generators. This class of dual fuel generators offers fierce competition between brands and models with some units being more appropriate for one use over another. Here we’ve listed some of the Champion 100165’s strong and weak points.

Pros of the Champion 7500 Watt Generator

  • Four standard household plugs make for easy connections at the power source. No hassling with power taps and multi-plugs, these GFCI protected outlets provide plenty of output for all your connections.
  • The prominent placement of the LCD digital readout is a nice touch that allows you to keep aware of your generator’s operation and output. This is especially important with the engine run-time hours so you can schedule preventive maintenance such as timely oil changes.
  • You don’t have to choose between higher output connections. The 30A twist-lock supports the larger household items and the easily connected RV outlet lets you make this your power source while away from home.

Cons of the Champion 7500 Watt Generator

  • The generator is powerful but it is a beast. Weighing over 200 pounds and measuring more than two feet in any direction, storing or transporting this unit will take us plenty of space.
  • Reports from users tell of an inefficient engine that burns through gasoline faster than comparative models but no similar reports about it using more LP than normal.

Our Verdict

The Champion 100165 is a powerful machine that supplies you with plenty of output taps and is easy to use. While large and cumbersome, the reliability of the brand is a bonus and the generator itself is solid. Fuel consumption may be a problem on gasoline but as reliable a dual fuel generator, this model measures up.


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