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champion 3800 generatorThe Champion 3800 Generator from Champion Power Equipment is a durable and powerful piece of equipment. It is ideal for both recreational and emergency use. The Champion 3800 Generator is perfect for those high demand appliances whenever the power goes out. It also works wonderfully when you need an extra outlet at the campground. This generator has the capability to run off both gas and propane, depending on your need or preference.

Having this dual fuel option provides you comfort knowing you can store propane just in case you run out of gasoline and still need to power your generator. The best part about this feature is that the 3800 is ready to run off either fuel directly out of the box without any additional attachments. Champion Power Equipment is a leader in power generation equipment and is known for producing quality, versatile, and powerful equipment. If you are looking for a reliably powerful generator, the Champion 3800 is an amazing option.

Operating Specs of the Champion 3800 Generator

The Champion 3800 Generator from Champion Power Equipment is a dual fuel generator that runs on gas or propane. It boasts a 4-stroke, 224cc, single cylinder OHV engine that is an electric push-to-start. It comes equipped with a 3.4 gal fuel tank that will give you a full 9 hours of operation. However, it can can expand up to 10.5 hours on a 20 pound propane tank.

The generator has a patented fuel selector switch that allows you to quickly and safely switch between gas and propane. Champion Power Equipment also provides a guarantee that the 3800 generates 69 decibels measured at 23 feet away.

The powerful 3800 provides 4275 watts at peak load and 3420 watts of continuous power. When opting to use propane you run low emissions and burn cleanly. The gas option produces 3800 running watts and 4750 starting watts.  The Intelliguage (volts, Hz, hours), which comes standard with the machine, allows you to easily monitor power output and track maintenance intervals.

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Features of the Champion 3800 Generator

champion 3800 generatorThe push-to-start button runs off a battery than has an internal battery charger which actually charges while the generator is running. The 3800 comes standard with an impressively powerful 30A RV outlet. There is also a typical 20 amp three-prong outlet and single 30 amp twist lock. Both the 20 amp and 30 amp outlets come with their own circuit breakers, which protects your connected equipment.

The push-to-start battery and measurement display are also on a separate fuse, ensuring an even greater safety rating. The 3800 features the Champion Power Equipment Volt Guard, which is a built-in surge protector that protects against spikes in voltage about the safety threshold. It also comes with Cold Start technology that optimizes the generator in cold weather so it can still start easily.

Another great feature provided on the Champion 3800 Generator is the ease of mobility thanks to the wheel and axel system on the unit. This makes it readily available for you to take anywhere – perfect for around the house or taking in your RV on your next trip. The generator comes with a durable steel frame, folding handle, and never-flat tires for easy transportation.

The Champion 3800 also comes with a three year limited warranty and is a 50-state, CARB compliant machine. The three-year limited warranty also comes with free lifetime technical support. Additional information can be found in the instruction manual.

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Champion 3800 Generator from the Champion 3800 Generator website, please click here.

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Pros and Cons of the Champion 3800 Generator

champion 3800 generator

  • Dual Fuel System – We believe the greatest asset of the Champion 3800 is its dual fuel capability for both gas and propane. It allows you to have flexibility in your fuel choice and gives you a solid backup option in case one of your fuel supplies runs out.
  • Electric push-start – The push-to-start button system is a great feature for a quick and easy start up when you need to get your generator going in a hurry. If you are using this simply for recreational use you won’t need this luxury as much but it will still make operation simple. This is a fantastic feature, especially in times when your generator is your only source of power. No one wants to fumble around with a manual start generator in a time of emergency.
  • Power – The 244cc dual engine gives you a peak load of 4275 watts and 3420 watts of continuous power. This is plenty of power for any of your generator needs. The 3.4 gallon tank provides up to 9 hours of running time, which can be extended up to 10.5 hours when you opt to use a 20 lb propane tank.
  • Outlet options – Not only does the Champion 3800 come with the expected 20 amp three-prong outlet and single 30 amp twist lock outlet, but it also comes standard with a 30 amp RV outlet. Not all generators have this option which definitely sets the 3800 apart.
  • Portable – Having the wheels and folding arm allows this generator to be easily maneuvered and transported. This is great for any occasion and makes setting up and putting it away so much easier.

Cons of the Champion 3800 Generator

  • Can be a bit heavy – This is not an issue for everyone but it is enough to be important to note. This is a beefy generator and can be heavy. However, we believe this is counteracted by its portability with the attached wheels.
  • Loud operation – Again, this is not an issue for everyone but we do think it is worth mentioning that the 3800 can run a little loud during operation. As with any power engine machine, you run the risk of loud operation but the 3800 is definitely not quiet.

Alternatives to the Champion 3800 Generator

Final Thoughts

champion 3800 generatorAll in all the Champion 3800 Generator is a remarkable machine. The shining feature is definitely the dual fuel engine which will allow users to run the machine on either gas or propane. It produces enough power to operate any appliance and is great for both recreational use and reliable for those times of emergency.

The 3800 comes standard with a 30 amp RV outlet, which is not offered on all generators, as well as two 20 amp three-prong outlets and a 30 amp twist lock outlet. We recommend the Champion 3800 Generator if you are looking for a powerful and reliable machine that also offers you versatility.

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