Champion 3400 Watt Generator Review

Champion Power has been around long enough to make a solid name for themselves in the generator industry. The Champion 3400 Watt Generator Inverter generator is a superb entry into the consumer market looking for a good all purpose generator. The inverter technology makes for a quiet machine and the dual fuel gives you the ability to transition fuel sources as needed.

Features of the Champion 3400 Watt Generator

Dual fuel generators are in demand as your needs may call for switching between gasoline and propane. The Champion 3400 is an inverter generator which means it takes the raw AC power and converts it to DC which cleans it up before putting it back out as usable AC power. This power signal is more consistent and “clean” enough for charging smaller electronics.

The interface panel is clean and easy to navigate. Power outlets are clearly marked including the standard household AC plugs and a 30A RV plug. Also clearly indicated are the low oil LED, Overloaded LED, and the Power on LED. These indicators make for safe and reliable operation.

Electric starter makes for easy on and off power requirements without huffing away at the pull start rope. Although it does have a pull start as a backup. The starter battery connections are easily reached for ease of keeping the battery topped off and charged so it is ready to go when you are.

Weighing under 100 pounds, this small wonder is easily transported between storage and deployed to your vehicle, campsite or tailgate party to provide power wherever you need it. The wheeled chassis ad handles makes maneuvering the unit simple and easy to reposition as necessary.


Pros and Cons of the Champion 3400

This model dual fuel generator is full of pleasant surprises but you have to consider the ups against the downs. A good generator is only as good as the use you get out of it, so here are some considerations you may want to look at before deciding on a model.

Pros of the Champion 3400 Watt Generator

  • Easily the premier benefit of this unit is the inverter technology. Cleaner energy sine wave is consistent enough to charge your sensitive electronics. Raw power generators just can’t compete with an inverter generator. You can charge your electronics on a conventional generator, but the manufacturer says you shouldn’t.
  • To charge those electronics, this model has a car cigarette style outlet and comes with a dual USB adapter for quick and easy charging of your phone, tablet or other USB cabled devices.
  • Another plus is the quieter engine. The inverter generator is much quieter than the conventional generator. Measured noise at 59dB, this is quiet enough to carry on a conversation with the generator sitting nearby.

Cons of the Champion 3400 Watt Generator

  • Downsides to this model are hard to come by, but the smaller size comes with the inevitable side effect, a smaller power plant running only 3100W.
  • The only serious downside is the fact that the electric start battery is not automatically charged when the generator is running. This seems like an oversight in design when you have to take extra steps to charge your generator battery.

Our Verdict

It’s almost unfair to compare this model generator against the others on the list. As an inverter generator it carries certain benefits that the others just can’t match. However its limited power output capacity and battery maintenance may be a deal breaker for your needs. We like this model and if it fits your usage profile, we highly recommend this one.


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