Champion 100111 Portable Generator Review For 2021

champion 100111If you are browsing this website, it means you are stuck in a dilemma that requires many studies and a detailed review to be resolved. No individual would want to loosen up the purse strings and offer a hefty amount of money to a brand just to get a bad-performing and unreliable generator at the end. Many reviews and 1-star ratings would dishearten you, but you keep moving forward.

Suppose you are looking for a high horse-power generator that can power up all your high voltage appliances and offer a good amount of back-up power. In that case, you must choose the famous Champion 100111 Portable Generator. This generator is the favorite choice of users when it comes to selecting an emergency back-up power source. 

With its remarkable features and incorporation of the latest technology, you will enjoy the modern features and the generator’s smooth service. It will provide clean power and reduce your fuel costs as it is highly fuel-efficient. Let’s review why Champion 100111 Portable Generator has been immensely popular.  

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Features of the Champion 100111 Portable Generator 

champion 100111Ultra-Powerful
Champion 100111 Portable Generator has a powerful 717cc engine that has super high horse-power. It will keep all your appliances powered up for longer. You can connect heavy load electronics without any worry and enjoy the luxury of powering up all essential in a time of power outage. 

Electric Start
This generator offers an electric start compared to the traditional mechanical start that would cause a lot of inconvenience for the user. This way, it will become very easy and convenient for you to operate the generator. It has a toggle switch and a built-in Cold Start Technology. This technology helps in starting the generator in cold weather.  

Covered Outlets
All the outlets of this generator are covered, and there is a built-in surge protector that keeps appliances safe from overloading. 

Lift Hook
This is incorporated in the generator’s design so the user can quickly move the generator around and load or unload it wherever he likes. 

Champion Support
This offers a 3-year warranty which resolves all customer issues and any repair concerns. This company also provides free lifetime technical support and exceptional customer support. 

Intelligauge meter
This meter shows the voltage and keeps track of the run-time, battery life, and all the generator’s internal systems to be maintained. 

Additional Features 

  • 12000 Watts wattage
  • 33.6 x 26.6 x 33.3 inches dimensions
  • 717cc Champion Milwaukee Series V-Twin
  • Available in Yellow and Black
  • Gasoline
  • 120V 30A (L5-30R)
  • 120/240V 30A (L14-30R) locking outlets
  • 120/240V 50A outlet (14-50R)
  • four 120V 20A GFCI

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Champion 100111 Portable  Generator from the Champion website, please click here.

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Pros, Cons, and Alternatives for the Champion 100111 Portable 

champion 100111Now that you are aware of this remarkable generator’s amazing features let’s take a closer look at the Champion 100111 Portable Generator’s pros and cons. This analysis will help you conduct a cost-benefit assessment so that you can decide whether this generator offers the most advantages suited to your needs or disadvantages.
You must always review the pros and cons so that you are sure that you are making an informed and educated decision. This will eliminate any major risks associated with the purchase of the generator. 


Advantages of the Champion 100111 Portable Generator 

  • High Run-Time
    If you fill up its 10.9-gallon tank of gasoline, you can keep this generator working uninterrupted for 9 hours at 50% load. 
  • Powerful Unit
    With this generator’s powerful engine, you can easily connect high voltage items and power up your entire house without worrying about the generator unable to carry the load. 
  • Highly Portable
    With its amazing and creative design, attached wheels, and built-in design, you can easily move around the Champion 100111 Portable Generator. You can transport it and set it up wherever you like. 
  • Sturdy Construct
    Champion 100111 Portable Generator has a robust built and the material used to manufacture its body is of the highest-quality steel. It can withstand rough temperatures and use. 
  • Produces Clean Power
    Champion 100111 Portable Generator generates a clean sine wave that keeps your sensitive electronics protected. This company’s primary aim is to deliver safe and secure power to help you in cases of emergency. 
  • Low Oil Sensor
    With this feature, you just have to buy gasoline, and the rest will be taken care of by the generator. It will detect when the generator is experiencing a shortage of oil in the tank and indicate it. 

Potential Disadvantages of the Champion 100111 Portable Generator 

  • Considerably Loud :  Champion 100111 Portable Generator produces 78 decibels of noise, which s equivalent to the noise you may hear and be annoyed by on the busy streets. 

Alternatives to the Champion 100111 Portable Generator


Top Tips for Selecting A Portable Generator 

If you are unsure about which generator you must purchase, join the club of many customers who are too skeptical about it. But take it as a good sign that you are studying the factors you must consider beforehand because many people fail to do so and then regret later on. So, make sure you review these factors before you decide which generator you will choose:

Its size
You wouldn’t want a generator that is humungous and difficult to manage and move about. So, choose a manageable generator and is appropriate in size, depending on where you will install it. 

Power Wattage
This will depend on the voltage of appliances you intend on powering up. Add up the wattage of each electronic device and make sure that the sum is considerably low than the generator’s rated power. 

Number of Outlets
This is also a significant factor you must consider because the number of outlets will determine how many appliances you can easily connect. The number of outlets provided by the generator should be compatible with how many you can connect. 

Suppose you believe you will use the generator roughly, or your area experiences severe and lousy weather. In that case, you need a generator that can tolerate rough conditions and has a challenging build. 

Our Final Verdict

champion 100111You probably were unable to create a dislike for this amazing generator. It is loaded with exceptional features and is an apt and accurate representation of what we call an advanced generator that offers the best value for money. Even it is incorporated with the latest technology; it still is on the cheaper side of the generators’ average price range. With this much power and a wide array of features at such a reasonable price, you will become a loyal and trusted customer for this brand. 

For many people, the purchase of a generator is a mundane experience and decision. But you must know that this generator will be your only support to get through safely in a power outage. Due to many unfortunate instances, you do require a reliable power source. Because once there is a shortage of power, there is no way you can rectify them. If you have a well-performing power source, you are in luck; otherwise, you would be in grave trouble. So, if this remarkable generator fits your budget, don’t waste another second and put in an order for it. 

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