Generator Won’t Start – What To Do

Throughout the year, at any given time, you may lose your power. A more predictable scenario would be with storm quickly approaching your area. You are confident that you will be okay, since you have your generator on standby. Yet, when you need to use it, your trusty generator is refusing to work. If your …

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How to Fix a Generator – Quick Tips

You’ve made the decision to purchase a portable generator for those times when direct power just isn’t available.  Let’s talk about how you plan to ensure that your generator will continue to provide backup power for years to come. You can do this by taking care of some very basic portable generator maintenance steps.  These …

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Generator Load Shedding for Electricity Savings

generator load shedding

Have you made an initial decision on buying a backup generator for your home? If so, you will undoubtedly start researching various modes and sizes. You might start to think that the only decision that needs to be made is what amount of energy your home draws. Then, you can find a generator that matches …

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