Great Generator Enclosures for Rain and Snow, 2022 Update

generator enclosures

Running a generator in the rain or snow can be a difficult proposition.  Most generator manufacturers recommend against using their products in wet environments.  However, the question remains, when do you need a generator most?  You need it during bouts of inclement weather. Whether due to a hurricane or blizzard, loss of power happens in …

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How To Parallel Generators For Strong Power in 2022

parallel generators

Running parallel generators is a relatively new trend that is based in common old school mathematics. Power rates and equations are simplified and once you understand the numbers behind what your generator is putting out and what you are demanding from the generator, running parallel generators may be the answer you didn’t know you were …

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Power Line Conditioner: A Great Purchase? Our Take + 4 Options

power line conditioner

You may have heard recommendations telling you that once you purchase a generator you’ll need to pick up a good power line conditioner. That the generator puts out “dirty” power, and that a power line conditioner will solve this problem. So you may be asking yourself if this is true. Is using a power line …

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How To Connect Portable Generator To Electrical Panel 2022

how to connect portable generator to electrical panel

For many, a generator is an indispensable tool for providing off-grid power during outages, or for powering appliances while camping or tailgating. Portable generators are ideal for multiple uses. They are smaller, quieter, and more versatile than larger and louder stationary generators. Portable generators feature several power outlets that make it easy to power appliances …

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How to Use A Generator During A Hurricane: A Guide For 2021

how to use a generator during a hurricane

Hurricane season is now upon us, and with meteorologists predicting above-average storm activity for 2020, residents of coastal areas should begin preparations now—if they haven’t already. Being hurricane-ready (and knowing how to use a generator during a hurricane) means having a well-stocked hurricane kit with items like flashlights, bottled water, batteries and non-perishable foods; knowing …

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Starting Watts vs Running Watts in 2021: The Great Debate

starting watts vs running watts

A casual look at any generator you see in the market today will reveal that each one has a specific number attached. Most people assume that the number refers to the wattage each generator provides. But is that really the case? A deeper inspection will reveal an even more startling discovery; that is, generator specs …

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The Ultimate Guide to Boondocking With A Generator In 2021


You need electric power in your home or office. Otherwise, you would be unable to power your ACs, kitchen appliances, heaters, and phones to mention a few. However, many times you can get by without electric power, especially when you are picnicking or boondocking with a group for an extended period. Today, that’s what we …

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Backfeeding A Generator: Do’s and Dont’s, 4 Safety Measures


The lights go out suddenly! Your eyes adjust to the darkness while a quiet stillness surrounds you as the slight buzzing of appliances falls silent. There’s nothing like a power outage to enforce the realization of how heavily we rely on electricity. Our modern day lives are filled with appliances and technological gadgets demanding consistent …

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How Long Will A Whole Home Generator Effectively Run In 2021?

whole home generator run times

The question of “how long will my whole home generator last” has a wide range of answers ranging from, “It will fail to start if it is not properly maintained” to “In theory it could run indefinitely if superhuman efforts were made while it is running”. Both of these extreme answers are technically true. But …

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Do Whole Home Generators Add Strong Home Value in 2021?

whole home generators

Whole home generators can increase your home’s value when it comes time to put your house on the market. It won’t likely be the initial draw that gets a prospective buyer interested in your property, but it is a very real and tangible luxury feature that could mean the difference when narrowing that decision down …

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