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A generator is one of the handiest pieces of equipment you can possibly own. For such an inexpensive piece of machinery, it has a huge number of uses. They can be taken on the road in an RV, used for electronic luxuries while camping, or just kept in the basement, ready to be used in a power outage.

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Briggs & Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500. We’ll be reviewing the features of the generator, its power capacity, and the overall pros and cons. First of all, though, let’s take a look at how you can ensure you get the right generator.

Choosing the Right Generator

It can be hard figuring out which generator is the right model for you and your needs. Most people will fall into one of two camps; they either want to buy the cheapest model available or they want the fanciest, most high-end generator. Usually, both of these options are bad.

Spending a lot of money on a high-tech generator isn’t really a good idea if you’re only planning on using it to power a few items. Similarly, opting for a low budget model of a generator isn’t going to do you any good if you want to power your whole house with it.

As with many purchasing decisions, the best outcome usually lies somewhere in the middle. Consider where you’ll be using the generator, what you’ll be using it for, how many products you hope to power, how long you’ll need it to run etc. Knowing the specifics before you start shopping can really help you narrow your choices.

Introducing the Briggs and Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500

briggs and stratton generatorThe Briggs and Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500 is a portable, recoil start generator. Designed to be around 45% more compact and 30% lighter than the standard portable models out there, the Q6500 is a testament to Briggs & Stratton. At only 128 lbs, it’s certainly lighter than a lot of other portable generators on the market.

If you’re looking for a generator that is ideal for use in an RV our out on the campsite, you might end up falling in love with the Briggs & Stratton. Let’s take a look at a few of the features which you can expect to find in the Q6500.


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Features of the Briggs and Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500

briggs and stratton generatorWith a handy, suitcase-style telescoping handle and 8-inch wheels, the Q6500 is portable and easy to move around. It’s a perfect size (around 25.5 x 21.1 x 21.4 inches) to be brought with you in an RV or in the back of your truck on a camping trip.

At a 25% load and around 23 feet away, the sound level is roughly 66 decibels. This is around about average for a generator of this size, so you should have no problem sleeping while the Q6500 is running in the background.

This Briggs and Stratton generator model features an automatic voltage regulator and a well-designed low oil shutdown system with LED indicators to help keep you updated on the status of the generator. You’re also protected against overload, with brilliant circuit breaker protection. This keeps your connected appliances safe and also prevents any damage to your generator.

Power Capacity of the Briggs and Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500

The Briggs and Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500 inverter generator delivers 6,500 starting watts of reliable power and 5,000 watts of continuous power. With those kinds of numbers, you can see how it’d be perfect for around the home, out on the road, or even at work – powering tools.

It’s easy to power a wide variety of electronic devices at the same time with the Q6500. It comes with 4 120V-20A outlets, 2 USB outlets, and a handy 120V-240V locking outlet. The RV adapter in the twist lock outlet provides 2,500 watts of continuous power (120V / 20.8A).

The incorporated inverter technology in the generator provides pure sine wave power. You can expect to find around 3-6% THD using this technology, which allows you to use delicate electronics with it (televisions, computers, gaming systems etc).

The highly-efficient 306cc integrated engine/alternator can provide up to 14 hours of run time at the 25% load setting. To help with fuel efficiency, an auto idle control system automatically adjusts the speed of the engine based on the required load. This not only helps to save fuel, but it also reduces noise levels while the generator is operating.

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the Briggs and Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500 from the Briggs & Stratton website, please click here.

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Pros and Cons of the Briggs and Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500

Briggs and Stratton Generator Every purchase should be evaluated by checking out what others think of the device. With this generator, we’ve taken a look at customer reviews online (and used some of our own opinions on the Q6500) to come up with a quick list of positives and negatives that you can easily scan.

Pros of the Briggs and Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500

  • The built-in handle and wheels mean it’s very portable.
  • Highly efficient, with a great fuel-saving mode.
  • Can handle a lot of electronics at the same time.
  • Inverter technology for handling more delicate electronics.

Cons of the Briggs and Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500

  • It’s not CARB compliant – as the majority of other generators now are.
  • The Q6500 isn’t parallel capable – meaning you can’t hook it up with another one.
  • This generator does not have an electric start, which is surprising.

Although there are a few cons in the list, we think that the positives definitely overshadow any of them. Overall, the Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 is a surprisingly well-rounded generator.

Alternatives to the Briggs and Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500 


Briggs and Stratton GeneratorWe’re of the opinion that the Briggs and Stratton Generator 30675 Q6500 is a fabulously designed portable generator that has clearly been created with ease-of-use in mind. It’s lightweight, simple to operate, and still packs quite the punch.

If this sounds like the type of generator you’re after, rest assured that we recommend it. The Q6500 is the perfect model for any number of situations, from taking out in the RV to being used as a blackout safety net.

Asides from a few complaints (which are more annoying than anything truly negative), we’ve only seen and heard good things about it the Q6500. It’s a generator that’s well worth the price tag!

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