Looking For The Best Propane Generator: Our 4 Picks

Gasoline powered engines have been the mainstay for portable power from the smallest lawn mower to the largest airplane.  However, sometimes, gasoline is not always your only option.  Propane fueled generators are starting to gain shelf space in the portable generator market and there are plenty of reasons you need to look into the propane generator as an alternative.

Propane burns cleaner making it more eco-friendly.  It’s cheaper, meaning you can run your power longer for less.  And the spare fuel won’t spill, allowing you to pack up your generator and go portable without worrying so much about the sloshing about of fuel tanks in the back of your vehicle.

The Best Propane Generator Options Are Here!

If the thought of propane fed generator is new to you, we’re here to help guide you along.  Here are our picks for the best propane generator you didn’t know you needed!

Generac 6001 LP5500

Generac is one of the premier names in the generator industry and it only makes sense that they manufacture one of the best propane generators available to the consumer market today.  When you see that distinct yellow/orange color on a Generac, you know you’re going to have reliable power at your fingertips and this surprisingly compact and user friendly propane generator is no exception.

This model can continuously run up to 5500W of power with up to 6875W of starting surge.  That’s more power than you’d expect from such a small and portable power plant.  You’ll have more than enough power to run the jobsite, supply the entertainment, or whatever your portable power needs may be.  The simple control panel has dual duplex outlets, each with their own 20A breakers, and a 120V/240V twistlock for feeding your 30A needs.

User friendly interface is an understatement with this propane generator.  Right on the top of the unit is a single dial that guides you along on how to safely operate your generator.  Verify your oil level, disconnect load, turn on the propane.  Prime the unit, give it two pulls, switch to run.  When you’re done, rotate the switch to “stop”.  That’s all there is to it.

The compact design puts the 20lb or 30lb tank right on-board so you can wheel the unit around the site as necessary without having to worry about dragging along the propane cylinder.  Designed from the ground up to be one of the best propane generators you can buy, the Generac 6001 LP5500 is simply a great option.


Sportsman Gen4000LP

Sometimes we’re in the market for a simple and basic working tool.  Without the need for extravagant bells and whistles, and without the price tag that often comes attached with the more glamorous items.  The Sportsman Gen4000LP is the best propane generator in its class for the cost.  If you know what you need and this one fits your plans, then the Sportsman may be the generator for you.

Surge allowance of 4000W and a continuous run of 3250W, this is a powerful propane generator that will supply more than enough power for your backup power needs.  Whether that is keeping the lights on during a storm or powering the tailgate party, this cost effective generator will surprise you with how strong it runs.

Two single plug outlets each have their own circuit breaker to protect them individually and there is a 12VDC output for charging batteries, perfect for when you find yourself with a low battery while tailgating or camping.

Running on clean burning liquid propane, this model generator is a fantastic daily use generator, or a stored backup for those rare use occasions.  Propane can store much longer than gasoline so a 20lb tank stored away with this generator won’t let you down when you pull it out for use after months of storage.

When the time comes to use it, you’ll get 10 hours of run time on that 20lb tank without the hassle of making sure you have fresh gasoline or if you cleaned the fuel line and carburetor from the previous use.  LP just works.


DuroMax  18 HP Dual Fuel

People love to throw around the word “hybrid” rather loosely but this power house earns the name by providing one of the best propane generators by offering dual-fuel use.  The benefits of using propane are tempered by the simple fact that sometimes you just don’t have access to LP and gasoline is readily available just about everywhere.  So if you run out of propane you can switch over to gas and keep the power flowing.

Spitting out a massive 9500W and allowing a surge start up to 12000 this monster of a power plant can run backup for your entire home.  You can run the air conditioner and very nearly anything else.  The GFCI protected duplex outlet will handle your direct connections for smaller applications and the 30A 120VAC twistlock is your connection to so much more.

There is another 30A twistlock with 120/240VAC options and an unbelievable 240VAC 50A plug for those larger appliances that most portable generators just can’t handle.

The versatility and raw available power make this the best propane generator available with all the extra trimmings of being flexible on fuel input and handling 50A services.  This machine has the abilities of a stationary “whole home” generator while remaining portable for uses elsewhere.

DuroMax built this machine with the intent of creating the best propane generator they can, with a strong engine, reinforced generator, and increased attention to keeping the volume down as much as possible with an over-sized muffler, you can expect this generator to last.


Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB

Looking for a dual fuel portable generator that can power your heavy equipment and keep you powered on?  Take a look at the Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB for one of the best propane generator solutions you will find.  It will produce 6500W on gasoline and 5580W on propane, with 7500W surge on gas and 6750W surge on LP.  The slight decrease in power between gasoline and propane is a standard deviation due to the combustibility of the fuels but the benefits of cleaner, cheaper, and safer propane.

A fuel gauge tells you how much gasoline is in the tank while the rest of the user parts are on the well designed control panel.  Two 20A duplex outlets, a 30A twistlock and a 30A 120/240VAC twistlock provide power outlets for all your remote power needs, each with their own protective circuit breaker.  The 12VDC connection is convenient to keep batteries charged up, and the display will tell you the voltage, frequency and engine runtime.

One of the nicer features of this machine is that you can switch between gasoline and propane fuel supplies without shutting down the generator.  If your LP tank is getting low, you can make the switch to gasoline backup, connect another LP tank and be ready to switch back over in no time.

The manufacturer recommends you disconnect the load while making the transition because there will be engine sputter and the fluctuations in output could create problems for some appliances and actually do harm to sensitive electronics.  But the quick transition between fuel sources makes for a long running power supply that keeps you powered longer.


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