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all power 10000 watt generatorIt is a fact that power and energy have occupied almost every human activity. It has become a necessity. You will hardly find something that does not require power to operate; this is enough to emphasize how important power has become in human lives.

Humans are in constant need of power for plenty of situations, especially for places like construction sites and even outdoor activities like camping, etc. Here is where the role of Generators starts. One such generator is the All Power 10000 Watt Generator, which is made to fill the blank left by the need for power.

The All Power 10000 Watt Generator comes with excellent features that will not only fulfill your need for energy but will also give you a very user-friendly energy experience. With the All Power 10,000 Watt Generator, you can produce extremely clean energy without disturbing your sleep with the unpleasant noise.

The All Power 10000 Watt Generator will be an ideal power back up for you because it can easily operate in construction sites, recreational vehicles, outing, and hunting spots. It can also be used for the restoration of damages caused by hurricane and storm etc.

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Features of the All Power 10000 Watt Generator

The All Power 10,000 Watts Generator comes with a full package, it is portable, and it has excellent quality and features. Some of its main features are discussed in the following paragraphs.

  • Powerful Engine: Power is the most important feature of a generator; the higher the engine’s power, the higher the energy produced. And when it comes to the all Power 10000 watt generator, you do not need to worry about its engine because it has a 420cc engine and 15 horsepower, which can produce 20amps at just 120Volts. With its potent engine, you can produce as much power as you require.
  • Easy to Transport: You no longer have to worry about the transportation of your generator because the All Power America 10000 Watt Portable Generator has extremely easy transportation. It is designed with an extremely lightweight, and the extra wheels attached to it is a plus point. The wheels are attached on one side of the generator, which makes it easier for the users to move it around.
  • Electric Start: Most people are afraid of buying generators because most generators have never been user friendly, and users even face trouble starting it. But the All Power 10000 watts have recoil and electric start. You can easily start it just by pushing the start button without any force.

Additional Features of the All Power 10000 Watt Generator

Some additional features of the All Power 10000 Watt generator are as follow:

  • Peak power of 10,000 Watts
  • Rated power of 8,000 watts
  • Fuel capacity of 8 gallons
  • 9 hours run time at half load
  • 120 Volt power outlets of 2 AC Duplex
  • Twist lock outlet of 1-120 Volt, Twist-lock outlet of 1-120/240 Volt, 1-12 Volt DC
  • Operating noise level of 76 DB
  • Includes hour meter
  • Maintenance-free Battery
  • Comes with a flat free wheel kit
  • Certified by EPA

To download the owner’s manual PDF of the All Power 10000 Watt Generator from the All Power website, please click here.

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Pros, Cons, and Alternatives To The All Power 10000 Watt Generator

We would be remiss if we did not mention some of the advantages and potential disadvantages to the All Power 10000 Watt Generator. No portable generator is perfect, and our weight as a source of unbiased portable generator product reviews would be in jeopardy if we did not recognize this fact. 

As such, below are some pros and cons of the All Power 10000 Watt Generator. We also have included a few relevant alternatives if this product does not check all the boxes to meet your needs.

Advantages of the All Power 10000 Watt Generator

  • Bearable Noise: Unlike other ordinary generators with the same power and energy production, The All Power 10,000 Watt Generator has an extremely low and tolerable noise of as low as 76db.
  • The Flat Free Wheel Kit: One of the best things about the All Power 10,000 Watt Generator is that it comes with a flat free wheel kit. This feature makes it portable and its transportation extremely easy.
  • Easy Button Start and Recoil Start: Unlike other generators that require a lot of force to begin working, the All Power 10,000 Watt Generator has an extremely easy operating system. You just need to push a small button start, and recoil starts it.
  • Higher Run Time: The All Power 10,000 Watt Generator has a run time of nine hours at just a half load. This run time is comparatively more than the other generators.
  • Free Battery: The All Power 10,000 Watt Generator comes with a free maintenance-free battery.

Potential Disadvantages of the All Power 10000 Watt Generator

  • Lack of Customer Service: The customer service at All Power is unsatisfactory based on the reviews customers gave. One of the customers complained that the product came faulty and had oil leakage, and the All Power did not give a timely response. The dealer arranged by the All Power took 6 to 8 weeks to repair the generator.
  • Unsatisfactory Quality: Most of the customers complained about product quality. The plastic used on the control board seems to be of a cheaper quality. It broke and cracked in just a few months. While some customers also complained that the switch used to start, the generator does not work properly after a few months’ use. It would worth the price if it had better quality.

Alternatives to the All Power 10000 Watt Generator

Tips For Selecting The Perfect Generator

Here are some points to consider before buying a portable generator.

  • Product Size: The buyers must choose a generator that can fulfill his/her need for energy because generators come in different sizes (size in terms of power and energy production). Three major sizes of a generator are 2000 watts, 2000-7000 watts, and more than 7000 watts. Overloading a generator with more than the energy it can produce can destroy the devices and generator.
  • Your Run Time Requirement: Make sure the generator you are buying fulfills your run time need. Generators have different run times and can operate differently. Make sure to check the run time of the generator before buying it. If you need to run a generator for a longer time, you must choose the generator accordingly.
  • Power Outlets You Require: As a buyer, you know your need better than the salesman. While buying a generator, you should also check the power outlets available on the generator. Power outlets will reduce the need for extra outlets, and you can connect your devices directly with the generator.
  • Portability: If you are buying a generator for a picnic, camping, or other outdoor activities, it is better to buy a lightweight generator, a generator that will be easy to carry and transport.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a portable generator with highly efficient and more energy production capability, then the All Power 10,000 Watt generator will be an amazing choice to make. With its extremely durable and excellent features, this product will be your ultimate choice for the generator. The All Power 10,000 Watt generator will be a very good investment if you are searching for a product with excellent features and affordable prices.

Nine hours of run time, 76 db noise level, 8-gallon fuel capacity, maintenance-free battery, easy to start, powerful engine, and easy to transport, the All Power 10,000 Watt generator is one of the best portable generators customers could get. You would not want to miss the opportunity of buying a product with so many excellent features like the All Power 10,000 Watt generator.

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