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Pulsar Inverter Generator Review

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Pulsar Inverter Generator Review – Small But Powerful!

The Pulsar Inverter Generator might be small in size but it certainly makes up for it in terms of its performance. So, you can rely on it to deliver the power you need while you are on an adventure with family or friends. No doubt everyone would want to make sure they have power to keep their mobile devices up and running so they can capture every moment. At the same time, this compact generator is tough enough to handle unexpected power outages. Best of all it is reasonably priced at under a $1000 so you will not regret buying it.


  • Sine Wave technology – You cannot be too careful with how you charge your mobile devices and laptops. Indeed, the slightest power surge can damage it. The Sine Wave technology built into this generator promises a stable supply of electricity. So, you can charge your cell phone and laptop without fear.
  • Extended capability – At its peak, the Pulsar inverter generator provides 2000 watts plus 1600 running watts. With this much power, it can operate for up to 8 hours. Yet if you still need more than its parallel inverter kit will let you connect it with additional generators from the same brand.
  • Silent helper – You could possibly stand as close as 10 feet from this generator yet not be annoyed by it while it is operational. The amount of noise is generates is only about 59 dB (Decibels), which is reasonable enough compared to other products in the same category.
  • Compact – The distinct design of this inverter generator makes it look like a suitcase. Moreover, it is only weighs about 47 lbs. So, it is easy to pack in the car and carry along with you wherever you want to go.


  • Safe to use with electronic devices – You can be sure not to get into any problems with your mobile device or laptop with this inverter generator.
  • Quiet – You can have an actual conversation with someone while standing next to it without straining your voice over the noise.
  • Powerful – It is also capable of charging more than just mobile devices and laptops. If necessary, you can use it to power a wall-mounted air condition unit along with a small refrigerator.
  • Dual fuel – You have a choice to use propane or gasoline as your power source for this inverter generator. Propane would be cheaper to use although you could miss out on about 1000 watts if you do.
  • Impact resistant – As an added bonus of its compact design, the generator is resistant to impact. So it is not as delicate as it might look. It can take a few hits sometimes.


  • Generates some noise with high loads – It can sound a bit whiny when it has to deliver at higher loads. So you might want to be a bit of conservative with the number of items you connect to it at one time so you can avoid this issue.
  • Peeling stickers – If you are particular about appearances then you might be peeved to see the stickers on the generator peeling off even while it is new out of the box. Otherwise, it is a simple matter you can ignore.


The Pulsar PG2000iS 2000W Peak 1600W Rated Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator is powerful despite its small size. Best of all, you can use it to power your mobile device and laptop while you are on the road. However, while it does provide access to both 120V and 240 V, you can also use one of them at a time.


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