Predator 4000 Generator Review

The Predator 3200W generator is dependable and guarantees to deliver a lot of power whenever and wherever you need it. Indeed, you can rely on it during an emergency. Use it around the house in case of a power outage when the weather outside is horrible. This is helpful in the winter time when power outages occur. It can power a 700 W refrigerator. Thus, any food you would have in your freezer will not spoil. Likewise, you can connect a 625 W microwave so you don’t have to eat a cold meal. You can also count on it while you are at the work site. It can handle up to 1800 Watts. So you can be sure to complete your job in time.

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While it is tough on the job, your Predator 3200W can also be fun to take along during your recreational activities. Hook it up to your camper and the phrase roughing it would be a thing of past for the avid outdoorsman. It can run everything from lights, about seven 100W bulbs, a sound bar, heater, and even a DVD player. Chances are family and friends would be willing to join you once they find out you are packing this generator for the campsite.


  • Powerful – Its EPA III certification guarantees it can deliver a lot of power when and where you need it. Plus, it can provide a total of 3200 running watts. It can generate 6.5 HP (Horsepower). Its connections include a 12V DC outlet, a 240V, 30A twist lock outlet, 4 prongs, and two 120V, 20A duplex outlets, 3 prongs.
  • Adaptable – This versatile generator can serve various functions. Use it at home in case of an emergency like during a power outage. You can also count on it on the job or have fun with it on a road trip or at camp.
  • Efficient – The functional generator has a 212cc air-cooled OHV gas engine. It carries 87+ Octane Unleaded Gasoline. It has a runtime of 10 hours at 50% capacity. The generator features a low oil indicator and it shuts down on its own when the oil is low. It is highly fuel efficient.


  • Quick start – The start type for the Predator 4000 Max is a recoil. While it might sound difficult, rest assured you will not have a hard time getting it started. In most cases, one pull is enough to get it going. However, it might require a second pull if the weather is cold outside.
  • Great performance – You can count on this Predator generator to do a good job. At home, it can easily handle two refrigerators plus a freezer when you need it to.  On the jobsite, it can power an orbital sander, a table saw, shop vacuum, plus a jigsaw.
  • Reasonably priced – This particular model of generator is affordable and worth the price for its features.


  • Heavy – The generator weighs 99 pounds. But the weight seems negligible considering its features. If you plan to take it along with you just make sure to purchase the wheel kit.
  • Separate wheel kit – Portability becomes an issue with this generator as the wheel kit is sold separately. Likewise the handle, though it is often seen in the picture, is all not included in the box when you purchase the generator.
  • Noisy – The generator has a sound rating of 70 dB (Decibels). It can be a bit louder than other generators when it is operational.
  • Oil change problems – You could encounter some difficulty in the event you need to add engine oil to keep it running smoothly. It is because the location of the oil fill/check cap is not so convenient to get this done.
  • Misleading specifications – Users who are a stickler for amperage might be discouraged. While the box indicates a 20 amp breaker, a closer inspection of the generator would reveal it only has a 13 amp breaker. Thus, it would be advisable for you to check before making your purchase.


The 4000 Peak/3200 Running Watts with 6.5 HP (212cc) Generator and certified EPA III Special promises to make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about power outages or roughing it out on a campsite. Likewise, it can be your go-to source for power on the jobsite. However, while it might be powerful, certain things about it you should know before buying it.

First, it is noisy compared to other generators. Second, it is not as portable as you might hope for. You will need to purchase the wheel kit and handle separately. Third, the amperage it provides could be less than what you need. In spite of these, it is still a reliable generator provided none of these issues are a major concern for you.

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